Kathryn Marsh-Soloway
Evening MBA, 2020

Kathryn Marsh-Soloway

Senior Marketing Analyst, UPS


As program coordinator for the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, Kathryn Marsh-Soloway knew perhaps more than most applicants about the inspiring vision of our benefactor. Each day, she walks past the words of Roberto C. Goizueta: “The cynics will tell you that the good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. I’m telling you, do it anyway.” And Kathryn does.

She helps determine who the service-minded leaders of tomorrow are, and she does so with an infectious enthusiasm that someday could see her words similarly elevated. According to Kathryn, “Goizueta’s core values hold special meaning for me because dedication to service also shapes my choices.”

Which is why the choice of where to pursue her MBA was such a careful one. In her career, Kathryn has seen organizations shine—as the Scholars Foundation does—and she has seen challenges—as happened during her three years in the classroom as a Teach for America metro Atlanta corps member.

Kathryn says, “I discovered how important it is for organizations to demonstrate accountability, regulation, and management. I chose Goizueta’s Evening program because I am confident that it will allow me to tackle any business challenge and to develop skills in these areas to pursue social entrepreneurship in nonprofit communities.”

Despite having such a good understanding of the “Goizueta way,” Kathryn has been surprised on two counts: the diversity of career paths represented in her class and how much that adds to the value of her education and the level of care shown by faculty. “Whether it is in lively class discussion, office hours, or review sessions,” she notes, “it is abundantly clear that the faculty here are in it for all the right reasons. I have been impressed with how Goizueta, despite the breadth of its programs, manages to feel so personable.”