Although Kait Capone was happy in her career has a brand manager, she knew if she wanted to excel as a leader in her field, she would need to acquire an MBA. β€œI know that having an MBA and a strong business foundation will aid me as a senior leader in making decisions with an organizational vs. functional lens.”

Her desire to gain enhanced leadership skills landed her in the One-Year MBA program at Goizueta, where she has found several opportunities to grow, including joining the Delta Air Lines Leadership Coaching Fellows program. β€œI have become someone more open to receiving and actioning on feedback; this has made me a more empathic and self-aware leader. I have also learned that the more we engage in giving and receiving feedback, the more feedback will become a normalized element of business.”

With opportunities to gain key skills to move her career forward, Goizueta also offered a close-knit community, a major deciding factor for Kait. β€œThe small class sizes, the responsive faculty and staff, and the attentive Career Management Center validated my decision to attend Emory. Since attending Emory, I have felt such a strong sense of support, and I find it motivating because although getting an MBA is an individual journey, it's nice to feel like there is a whole team of people behind you helping you get to where you want to go.”

The supportive community became crucial when Kait experienced tough days, particularly with the intensity of the One-Year MBA accelerated program accompanied by the curriculum. β€œI saw the true power of the Goizueta community; faculty were willing to meet with me and provide me on-demand academic support, fellow peers across Goizueta provided motivation and much-needed perspective, and program office staff provided constant empathy. Because of this support system, I felt inspired, motivated, and challenged and was able to far exceed my own expectations.”