Ian McClure Photo
MBA (Two-Year), 2019

Ian McClure

Senior Strategy Consultant, Accenture


As he searched for the right business school program, Ian’s shopping list included quite a few top-shelf requirements: academic rigor, a global perspective, the right location, and a tight-knit community. Goizueta checked all the boxes on his list. Goizueta’s student body—with their wealth of diversity in terms of experience, background, and career interests—was yet another plus. “This, along with the uniqueness of the academic program and the amazing city of Atlanta were exactly what I was looking for,” he says.

Although an undergraduate economics major, Ian says he learned a lot from Goizueta’s core courses in finance and marketing—and he enjoyed them. “I understood some of the basics of finance, but the Managerial Finance core class gave me a skill set and a confidence to address financial business problems,” he says. Some of the techniques he learned have already been put to good use in interviews for internships.

Ian’s extracurricular pursuits aim to tackle other business concerns. He’s participated in Deloitte case competitions, where teams apply their classroom skills and get feedback from professionals. He’s also a member of Goizueta Consulting Club and Pride Alliance and is a Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellow. The consortium is a network of students at Goizueta and elsewhere committed to increasing diversity in business leadership and graduate business education.

With classroom insight augmented by relevant co-curricular experiences, Ian has laid the groundwork to move confidently into his post-MBA career.