Daniel Liu
BBA/MSBA, 2020

Daniel Liu

Data Analyst, ByteDance


When Daniel Liu starting looking at various programs after completing his undergraduate degree at Goizueta, he didn’t have to look far. He decided to attend Goizueta’s MS in Business Analytics program where he wanted to pursue his interest in data science and obtain the STEM OPT extension, a 24-month extension of the Optional Practical Training period for F-1 students with a STEM degree. “Goizueta MSBA doesn't require the GMAT/GRE for BBA applicants, and I liked the staff and faculty of the program prior to joining.”

While in the program, Liu found a variety of resources offered by Goizueta to help achieve his goals for future success, including real-world experiences with clients in the classroom. “The experience of working closely with a client is something new to me and resembles the consulting experience.”
One resource Liu has found most beneficial is the ability to work closely with the Career Management Center. With help from CMC staff by reviewing his resume and cover letters, Liu has been able to further his career goals. Additionally, the CMC helps connect students with alumni from all over the world, allowing students to expand their professional network from the start. “Whenever I do my job searches and see some alumni working in that company, I would always reach out to them and more often than not, they would reply.”

One of Liu’s favorite program experiences was the ability to participate in the Leader’s Reaction Course. Students travel to Fort Benning, Georgia where they participate in a day-long course that builds upon the programs of the U.S. Army for developing leadership, such as team building, problem solving and decision making. “The trip to Fort Benning was so much fun.”

While Liu continues to focus on his future career and find new and challenging topics within the program, he continues to build upon various skillsets with the help of Goizueta’s numerous resources.