Change is good. Chris sees Goizueta’s willingness to adapt its programs as one of its greatest strengths. “One of the most important aspects of MBA programs I considered was the focus applied to understanding and supporting the needs of students,” he says.

Other programs he looked at provided a strict framework that had remained unchanged for years. “I could tell immediately that Goizueta valued continuous improvement in its approach to creating a world-class program,” Chris says. “Seeking input from students, alumni, and business leaders, Goizueta is consistently willing to pilot classes, services, and offerings that reflect the changing needs required to ready its students to achieve their goals in the future.”

The flexibility of Goizueta’s Evening MBA program hit remarkably closer to home when, at the end of his first year in the program, Chris’ company offered him a two-year temporary assignment in London. It was a meaningful step in his career that he felt he couldn’t afford to pass up.

Goizueta helped Chris develop a plan for before, during, and after his assignment. When he returned, he found his education and career significantly enhanced by his time away. “I returned with a pronounced appreciation for globalization in business and a desire to incorporate each remaining class towards my career progression,” he says.

“At Goizueta, you have access and the chance to pursue opportunities and networks that can literally take you anywhere in the world,” Chris says. His work abroad helped him to see the value of that and more.