Caleb Szubski Photo
MBA (Two-Year), 2016

Caleb Szubski

Manager, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte
Consulting Services


Healthcare is a complex industry buffeted by market forces and government regulation — and beset by problems with a great deal of ambiguity. But where others see challenges, Caleb Szubski sees opportunity, and he’s excited to tackle these challenges following his spring elective on healthcare consulting.

As part of the course, he and three classmates were assigned a process-improvement consulting project for a hospital. They were tasked with helping their client decrease the number of patient no-shows for appointments. During the semester, they proposed a series of interventions that included building a predictive model for which patients were most likely to miss appointments. “Being able to work hands-on with the data and the client directly influenced our ability to navigate the ambiguity of the problem and present strong, relevant recommendations,” Caleb says.

Goizueta sits adjacent to one of the nation’s premier health centers and right up the road from the global health powerhouse, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this nexus, Caleb got a better understanding of the resource complexities of healthcare and the unique challenges that face this highly regulated and changing industry. The skills he learned at Goizueta — flexibility, nimble thinking, and the ability to break down complex problems as well as solve them — can provide a vital cure for the ills of the healthcare field.