Amanda Pegues Photo
MBA (One-Year), 2016

Amanda Pegues

Senior HR Program Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Amanda was looking for an MBA with a rigorous academic experience that would take her to the next step in her career. Her interest in making a career pivot versus a full-scale transition meant an internship was not a necessity.

She found Goizueta’s One-Year MBA to be both challenging and rewarding. She says, “I really learned how to stretch my intellectual muscle and I enjoyed meeting a diverse group of people in a very intimate setting. There is really something special about knowing each of your classmates by name.”

Goizueta’s unique summer experience in the One-Year MBA program and its emphasis on leadership development stood out as highlights of Amanda’s program experience.

“The leadership challenge at Fort Benning this summer experience was truly unique. It really helped me to appreciate the strengths of my team, and I realized that we were really strong in supporting each other,” she says.

Amanda found Goizueta’s world-class faculty to be engaging inside and outside the classroom and appreciated how they incorporated their industry experience into their courses. She says, “There are some really great professors here who are not only passionate about teaching but truly champion the holistic experience of learning by integrating field experiences with classroom activities. It’s these experiences that will ultimately give me the leverage I need to be a well-rounded and dynamic professional moving forward.”

In a nutshell, Amanda credits Goizueta for helping her achieve her goals, both personally and professionally.