As a Freshman and Sophomore, Mike wasn’t sure what career he wanted to pursue. He started off as a pre-med student, but that didn’t feel quite right. “I always looked forward to working in an office wearing a business suit instead of a white coat,” he said. He began to investigate what the BBA program had to offer and added a few courses to his schedule. “Taking pre-requisite BBA courses definitely was the key to my determination in pursuing the program.”

Alex, on the other hand, always knew he wanted to study business in college. “My dad runs his own business back home and I grew up aspiring to become just like him when I grow up,” he said. His father’s advice and support played an essential role in shaping his decision to pursue the BBA program.

After his sophomore year, Mike left to complete his two years of military service in Korea. When he returned, adjusting and catching up to his peers was daunting. Mike relied on the Career Management Center for advice and support. “Just getting a check-up by CMC was enough to provide assurance that I was on the right track.”

Alex quickly learned that in the BBA/MPA program, time management was the key to success. “During my junior year, I had to delegate enough time to keep my GPA up in the midst of running club activities and recruiting for internships.” Alex was able to find study methods that fit his learning style, which made in-class learning more enjoyable and effective. “Learning to manage my time properly and to study effectively will surely get me far, since I will be able to absorb new skill sets that I learn in the professional world more quickly.”

Both Mike and Alex will head to New York City after graduation to work for Deloitte. Mike has accepted a position as an Audit & Assurance assistant and Alex will complete a winter internship with the company’s Business Valuation practice.