There was never a question of what Alejandro would study in college; his parents taught him from an early age that accounting is the language of all businesses. “Once you understandaccounting, you can understand the operations of a company, while finance is the interpretation of that language.” Alejandro is focusing his studies on Finance and Accounting in order to build business acumen and quantitative skills, in hopes of one day owning his own business.

Another early interest of Alejandro’s was the stock market: In middle school, he learned by investing in it with his own money. At Goizueta, Alejandro’s favorite class is Investments,because it challenged his understanding of the stock market. “It taught me new perspectives about how and why stock prices change on a theoretical and quantitative level, which investors nowadays are likely to ignore.”

His interests fit well with the offerings available to complete the Finance area depth. “Goizueta offers so many detailed finance courses that help expand upon the fundamentals of investing and valuation.” Meanwhile, his Accounting classes gave him in-depth knowledge about day-today operations of a business, and the useful skills of reading, understanding and creating financial statements.

As graduation day approaches, Alejandro turns to older students and alumni to get advice on academic and career pursuits. “I made my career choice after my first semester at Goizueta while on a phone call with an alumnus. He told me that the first job will not be the last because there will always be opportunities for change if I realize that I want to try something new.”