Anand Swaminathan joined Goizueta Business School in the fall of 2007. Prior to joining Goizueta he taught organizational theory and strategy at the University of California at Davis and before that he taught corporate strategy at the University of Michigan Business School.

His research touches a wide range of organizational issues, including industry evolution, strategies for niche/specialist firms, and applications of social network analysis. His current research examines planned obsolescence in software platforms, cross-national differences in the timing of product recalls in the automobile industry, transition to self-employment and entrepreneurship, membership retention in online communities, network effects in venture capital investment decisions, and career outcomes for coaches in the NFL and faculty in higher education institutions.


  • PhD in Business Administration
    University of California at Berkeley
  • Master's PDGM in Marketing and Organizational Behavior
    Indian Institute of Management , Calcutta
  • Bachelor's BTech in Mechanical Engineering
    National Institute of Technology , Warangal, India