Impact of Entrepreneurship Database Program

Despite the growth of the impact sector, there is limited empirical research due to the lack of reliable data. By encouraging partner accelerator programs to collect consistent and systematic data from entrepreneurs, this project will increase the supply of data-driven insights into the sector, and the number and quality of published research papers.

The Impact of Entrepreneurship Database Program works with accelerator programs (and other support organizations) to collect and analyze data describing the entrepreneurs that they support. Our initial aim is to maximize the value of the time that entrepreneurs spend applying to programs by collecting rigorous data that can be analyzed - for the benefit of our program partners and the sector more generally. We then track entrepreneurs who are accepted into program cohorts and those who are rejected.

The broader goal of this program is to establish a comprehensive database for the much-needed study of issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs around the world. As it expands, this database will produce empirically-valid insights and benchmarks, and will attract top university researchers to study and publish answers to questions that are central to the development of the sector.

For more information about this research project, please see the 2013 Year-End Data Summary.