Impact of Entrepreneurship Database Program

Despite the explosion of programs around the world that aim to stimulate the growth and/or impact of entrepreneurs, there is limited empirical research due to the lack of reliable data.

The Impact of Entrepreneurship Database Program works with accelerator programs and other support organizations to collect and analyze data describing the entrepreneurs that they attract and support. 

By collecting rigorous data that can be analyzed, our aim is to maximize the value of the time that entrepreneurs spend applying to programs – for the benefit of our program partners and the sector more generally.  Our broader goal is to establish a comprehensive database for the much-needed study of issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs around the world.

Since early 2013, we have worked with a large number of accelerator programs, and have collected data from more than 1,500 entrepreneurs working around the world. We have produced several periodic data summaries that describe insights that are emerging from the data, and by the end of 2014, our targets for these two groups are 25 programs and 2,500 entrepreneurs. We are also beginning to implement the first wave of follow-up surveys, which will be administered in January and July of each year to ensure that we have longitudinal data describing the entrepreneurs and ventures in our sample.

As it expands, this database will produce empirically-valid insights and benchmarks, and will attract top university researchers to study and publish answers to questions that are central to the development of the sector.  To spur academic interest in the data that we are collecting, in June 2014 we hosted our first colloquium for doctoral students whose research focuses on entrepreneur accelerator programs. This event attracted 16 students and faculty from 10 different universities. 

The Impact of Entrepreneurship Database Program benefits from the generous support of the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), the Argidius Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation.

Click here to view the 2014 Mid-Year Data Summary.

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