Teaching and Education

EmoryMAC serves as a platform for helping Emory courses incorporate appropriate marketing analytics content to ensure our course offerings are at the forefront of business schools in this area. Examples include connecting instructors with guest speakers working in the area of marketing analytics, securing datasets for use in our classes, and facilitating the search for project sponsors for some of our fieldwork courses.

Our innovative courses help train students to take on leadership role that shape the area of fact-based marketing and marketing analytics.

Co-curricular programs are an important part of EmoryMAC. These activities provide students the opportunity to interact with industry executives, and to prepare for a career in fact-based marketing and marketing analytics.

Emory Goizueta alumni support EmoryMAC through roles that include serving as student mentors, guest speakers, and being role models in the analytics industry.

Students are strongly encouraged to take courses with a business analytics focus that are offered outside the Marketing Area. The ISOM (Information Systems and Operations Management) Area offers a number of relevant foundational courses in business analytics and a number of complementary courses with analytics components that would greatly benefit students with an interest in marketing analytics. The Accounting Area offers Managerial Accounting.

In the Marketing Area, complementary courses include Product and Brand Management (fall) and Channel Strategy and B2B (spring).

Marketing Strategy and Customer Relationship Management (spring)

This course is centered on the strategic marketing decisions made by organizations. Increasingly these decisions are made from a customer-centric perspective, often augmenting the traditional brand-centric perspective of most organizations. The course provides the relevant frameworks, tools, and processes to support this view including the effective management of CRM tools and web-based analytics.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy (fall)

This course focuses on using the insights generated from online activities to drive organizations' strategies. The course discusses common web metrics and the use of clickstream data to predict visitors' online behavior. The insights afforded by social media metrics and monitoring tools are also explored through applications such as monitoring brand sentiment in online conversations.

Market Intelligence and Customers Insights (spring)

This course teaches students how to use marketplace data to make business decisions. The course has three major themes: taking general managerial problems and structuring them in terms of specific questions that can be researched; understanding primary and secondary sources of market/consumer insights, including issues in data collection; becoming familiar with specific techniques for analyzing market/consumer insights data once it has been collected and using those analyses to make better management decisions.

Marketing Analytics Consultancy (spring)

This is a project-based, experiential learning course. The managerial context and data typically come from EmoryMAC sponsor firms and agencies. Student teams work on marketing analytic problems ranging from forecasting and trend analysis, ROI and competitive analyses and a variety of customer acquisition, retention, and evaluation scenarios. Firms interested in participating as a data sponsor should contact Professor Manish Tripathi (Manish.Tripathi@emory.edu).

Syndicated Data Analysis (FT-MBA) Module (spring)

This Module (part of the full-time MBA mid-semester module series) gives students hands-on experience using syndicated data to generate market insights, which in turn drive actionable category and product/brand plans.