Marketing Analytics Center

The field of marketing is undergoing a revolutionary change. This change is driven by two somewhat related factors. First is the change in the fundamental approaches to marketing driven by new interactive technologies. The second is the emergence of potential new data sources and analysis techniques that have the potential to allow marketers to better understand marketing phenomena and to improve marketing decision-making.

The Emory Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC) is the organizing vehicle for Emory Goizueta's efforts to develop a position of strength in the area of marketing analytics. This is an increasing focus of employers of Emory Goizueta graduates, and is an emerging sub-field in marketing academia.

The over-arching goal of EmoryMAC is to combine science-based testing and rigor to inform management's vision for the future. EmoryMAC is a research and education center housed at Emory University's Goizueta Business School whose core purposes fall under three broad areas: teaching and education; outreach; and, research.

Teaching and Education

EmoryMAC serves as a platform for helping Emory courses incorporate appropriate marketing analytics content to ensure our course offerings are at the forefront of business schools in this area. Examples include connecting instructors with guest speakers working in the area of marketing analytics, securing datasets for use in our classes, and facilitating the search for project sponsors for some of our fieldwork courses.

Our innovative courses help train students to take on leadership role that shape the area of fact-based marketing and marketing analytics.

Co-curricular programs are an important part of EmoryMAC. These activities provide students the opportunity to interact with industry executives, and to prepare for a career in fact-based marketing and marketing analytics.

Emory Goizueta alumni support EmoryMAC through roles that include serving as student mentors, guest speakers, and being role models in the analytics industry.


EmoryMAC organizes conferences and programs that link Emory Goizueta with the marketing analytics practitioner community, and seeks opportunities to act as a hub linking marketing analytics professionals in Atlanta.

Each spring, the annual EmoryMAC conference brings together faculty, students, and practitioners with a shared interest in marketing analytics to share best practices and network with one another.

In the fall and spring semesters, EmoryMAC Mornings are events where a sponsor firm presents a short marketing analytics business problem that students then analyze in real-time over breakfast.

EmoryMAC partners with the BBA Program Office to provide shadowing opportunities to undergraduate students with an interest in marketing analytics.


EmoryMAC seeks to be a thought leader in data-driven marketing analysis, applying academic research methods to a wide range of important practical problems.

EmoryMAC facilitates the development and dissemination of scholarly research activities with a marketing analytics theme. Examples include helping to link Emory faculty and PhD students with industry data sponsors, and sponsoring visits from potential data sponsors.