Secondary Area Depths

Secondary area depths supplement expertise in a primary depth and require a minimum of three elective courses. In order to equip BBA students to meet the challenges of a fast changing and globally integrated world, the faculty has designed cross-functional depths that make use of a range of electives from across academic areas. Secondary depths allow you to benefit from additional directed choices that provide focused study but integrated thinking.

A student wishing to pursue one primary and one secondary depth may use one listed elective in the primary depth to fulfill the requirements of the secondary depth. As a result, in order to fulfill one primary and one secondary depth, students must complete a minimum of 6 electives.

Analytic Consulting

The Analytic Consulting depth exposes students to a rigorous analysis of business from multiple functional perspectives and prepares them to holistically address business problems and make meaningful recommendations. In addition, the electives in this depth enhances students' ability to identify relevant information and patterns in that information, with an emphasis on analyzing, optimizing, monitoring and controlling.

THREE of the following courses, no more than one from any academic area:

  • 342 - Marketing Research and Customer Insights (Marketing)
  • 352 - Project Management & Collaboration (ISOM)
  • 354 - Strategic Modeling & Social Dynamics (ISOM)
  • 356 - Analytics for e-Markets (ISOM)
  • 358 - Data Analytics and Visualization (ISOM)
  • 414 - Financial Statement Analysis (Accounting)
  • 420 - Advanced Corporate Finance (Finance)
  • 422 - Advanced Financial Markets (Finance)
  • 430 - Competitive Advantage (O&M)
  • 438 - Consulting (O&M)
  • 444 - Marketing Analytics Consulting (Marketing)
  • 449 - Marketing Strategy & Customer Relationship Mgmt. (Marketing)
  • 450 - Found. of Digital Enterprises and Markets (ISOM)
  • 452 - Healthcare Operations & Technology Management (ISOM)
  • 453 - Operations Strategy (ISOM)
  • 455 - Forecasting & Predictive Analytics (ISOM)
  • 459 - Process Analysis and Six Sigma (ISOM)
  • 613AC - Advanced Managerial Accounting (Accounting)

Business & Society

The Business & Society depth emphasizes the critical nature of the relationship between organizations and society, and the correlation between ethical behavior and corporate performance. Electives expose students not only to the emotional and cultural dimensions of the business world but also to the relationship between social responsibility and business strategy. Students explore the dual goals of improving economic performance while simultaneously integrating social and corporate values. In this depth, the focus is on harnessing information, analyzing complex situations and synthesizing data for ethical decision making.

THREE of the following courses, no more than one from any academic area

  • 332 – Business & Society (O&M)
  • 334 – Social Enterprise in Nicaragua (O&M)
  • 336 - Catalyzing Social Impacts (O&M)
  • 431 - Social Enterprise (O&M)
  • 433 - Leading & Managing Change (O&M)
  • 437 - Leading for Creativity & Innovation (O&M)
  • 439 - Ethics for Leaders (O&M)
  • 440 - Non-Profit Marketing Fieldwork (Marketing)
  • 441 - Ideation (Marketing)
  • 451 - Making Effective Decisions (ISOM)
  • 452 – Healthcare Operations & Technology Management (ISOM)
  • 457 – Economics and Psychology of Political Violence & Terrorism (ISOM)
  • 458 - Psychology of Technology (ISOM)
  • 611AC - International Business Law (Accounting)
  • Approved Emory College elective - see Advisor

International Business

The International Business Depth prepares students for conducting business in an increasingly globalized world by providing a broadened world perspective. Specified electives in the depth focus on one or more aspects of international relationships, such as formulating global strategies, understanding and reporting global transactions, dealing with the complexities of global trade and finance, and marketing across geographic boundaries. In addition, students have the ability to select from a wide range of Emory electives that provide a liberal arts perspective within a global context. The depth also requires study or work experience abroad to provide students with a contextual grasp of international business.

TWO of the following courses:

  • 332 – Business & Society (O&M)
  • 334 -Social Enterprise in Nicaragua (O&M)
  • 341 - Seminar on Global Marketing (Marketing)
  • 403 - Global Macroeconomic Perspectives (Finance)
  • 427 - International Finance (Finance)
  • 435 - Multinational Firms (O&M)
  • 450 - Found. of Digital Enterprises and Markets (ISOM)
  • 457 - Econ. & Psychology of Political Violence & Terrorism (ISOM)
  • 487 - Global Derivatives Markets (Finance)
  • 611AC – International Business Law (Accounting)
  • 619AC - Information and Global Capital Markets (Accounting)

ONE of the following options:

  • Approved Emory College elective - see Advisor
  • Approved class abroad
  • OR one more from the courses above

Additional requirement

  • Participation in BBA exchange or international internship

Real Estate

The Real Estate depth is centered in the Finance department. Students are trained in the nuances of the real estate industry, with emphasis on factors that make up the market and the intricacies of properties as an asset in money management. In addition to fundamentals, students receive high-level training in development, REITS and capital markets. Courses allow flexibility and interaction with local professionals, giving students a competitive advantage. Goizueta's proximity to Atlanta is one of the greatest differentiators from other real estate programs. Not only is Atlanta one of the largest real estate markets in the country, but it is also home to the regional offices of various real estate companies that operate throughout the U.S. and beyond. Beyond the area depth, Goizueta offers a robust real estate program.

Required Course

  • 425 - Real Estate Finance (Finance)

At least TWO elective courses

  • 382 - Real Estate Law (Finance)
  • 482 - Real Estate Market Analysis (Finance)
  • 486 - Real Estate Equity Investment (Finance)
  • 488 - Real Estate Development (Finance)
  • 489 - Advanced Real Estate Finance (Finance)

May substitute ONE of the following related courses for an elective

  • 348 - Sales and Business Development (Marketing)
  • 432 - Negotiations (O&M)
  • 451 - Making Effective Decisions (ISOM)
  • 495 - Distressed Investing (Finance)