Curriculum Overview

The BBA curriculum at Goizueta is distinctive not only in terms of the quality, range and scope of academic approaches provided but also because of the built-in flexibility that allows for both traditional and customized, unique concentrations and depths incorporating coursework within and outside of the Business School.

The curriculum is structured in three phases. As a student, you will first develop both broad knowledge and the capacity for reflective critical thinking through enrollment in a vibrant liberal arts curriculum. Second, you will receive world-class grounding in the key theories and practices in each of the functional areas of business through the BBA core curriculum. Finally, you will have the opportunity to develop one or several areas of expertise and to pursue your intellectual and professional passions through electives. You will have the opportunity to select from among more than 70 different BBA course choices, and virtually unlimited College options offered each year.

Curriculum Infographic

Students are eligible to enter the BBA Program once they have earned junior standing, or 60 academic hours (56 hours for early admission). The curriculum is comprised of seven core classes in the foundational areas of business, a business communications course, junior and senior seminars, at least one area depth and electives.

BBA Prerequisites

You are required to complete all pre-requisite courses prior to matriculating in the BBA Program, but it is acceptable to be enrolled in one or more of the pre-requisite courses in the semester that you submit your application.

All pre-business students must complete the following:

  • Math 111 (Calculus I)OR AP Calculus credit for either AB or BC Calculus (AB credit suffices)
  • Bus 201 Business Economics OR Econ 101 Microeconomics OR AP Micro credit AND Econ 112 Macroeconomics OR AP Macro credit
  • BUS 350 - Data and Decision Analytics (Business Statistics) OR AP Statistics credit
  • BUS 210 - Financial Accounting
  • A Continued Writing Course in the College (Note: The Admissions Committee prefers that applicants take a CWR that is a humanities or social science course. If students take a CWR in math, economics, a foreign language, or through the ESL program, they should take an additional CWR in the humanities to enhance the competitiveness of their application)

Advanced Placement Credits

If Emory University College Credit for Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics (for Decision Science), or AB or BC Calculus is posted on your transcript, these classes do not need to be repeated at Emory University.

BBA Core

Elective Distribution

Business Electives

Area depth electives 4
Other required business electives 2
Non business and Flexible electives 4
Total 10

*One elective course must have an international focus.

General Education Requirements

You should plan to enter the BBA Program after completing most of your general education requirements (GERs). However, some BBA core classes count towards fulfilling the GERs for BBA students, and there is sufficient flexibility in the BBA curriculum to complete your remaining requirements, if necessary. For a suggested method for satisfying the GERs please click here.

College Majors

The possibility of completing the needed college course work in conjunction with the BBA degree depends on the requirements of the major you are pursuing. You can use your flexible and non-business classes you need by planning carefully and working with advisors in both the business school. Click here to view a list of Emory College majors. Approximately 20% of the graduating BBA class successfully earns a college major.