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We believe hands-on research collaboration between students and faculty is critical in the education of new scholars. It's through collaborative research you'll learn how to transform abstract theoretical questions into workable projects that are publishable in major journals.


Image for Admissions Competition starts early in our PhD program. With only 10-15 students accepted from about 250 applications per year, it's this healthy level of competition that drives our students and forges them into graduates who excel.

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Image for Curriculum Offered through the Laney Graduate School, our program gives you the chance to pursue one of the following academic areas: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems & Operations Management, Marketing, or Organization & Management.

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Student Experience

Image for Student Experience You'll find opportunities to network with the global business community of Atlanta before you even graduate. Join our PhD program and you'll see that's exactly what the student experience is made of.

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Job Candidates

Image for Job Candidates Since the fall of 2002, we've placed an emphasis on hands-on research collaboration between students and faculty. It's what makes our student experience unique and the very best candidates.

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From the Associate Dean

I'm so glad you're considering the PhD Program in Business, offered by the Laney Graduate School and delivered by the Goizueta Business School. Applying to a doctoral program is the first step in committing your life to the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.

Goizueta is among the top business programs in the country. We have the track record - undergraduate- and masters-level programs that rank in the top 25 nationally, and we have the resources of Emory University, a major world-class research institution.

We seek doctoral students with superior intelligence, a strong work ethic, and a desire to take their place on the faculty of the best business schools in the world. Our doctoral program is highly selective and enables a small and closely-knit environment that promotes interaction between students and faculty.

When reviewing your application, our faculty, among other things, favor candidates with high GMAT scores, rigorous academic preparation, strong letters of recommendation, and a Statement of Purpose that shows intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm, and commitment.

We receive hundreds of applications from well-qualified PhD aspirants. From this large pool of candidates, we choose those that best match our faculty's talents and expectations.

So please apply early to allow us sufficient time to carefully evaluate your application.

Anand Swaminathan, PhD

Goizueta Chair and Professor of Organization and Management


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Start Your Application

Apply via the Laney Graduate School.

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"The faculty members encourage independent thinking from the very start of the program. This was invaluable when it came to forging a research agenda for myself, because it meant that I was working on research topics that excited me the most."

- Deidre Popovich 15PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Texas Tech University