Professional Development and Career Coaching

The Career Management Center for Working Professionals:

A kickstart to your education and catalyst for your career

The career path you choose is up to you. Thanks to the Career Management Center for Working Professionals (CMCWP), you'll never have to navigate it on your own. As an Evening MBA student, you'll benefit from the support of our dedicated career center. Our staff understands the unique needs of working MBAs, regardless of whether you're an Accelerator who's moving further along your current career trajectory or a Switcher, embarking on an entirely different career.

The Accelerator:

Because too much is never enough

You love what you do. And you want more. The CMCWP gets that, and gives you what you need, helping you take your career to the next level.

Through one-on-one sessions and workshops with your cohort, you'll develop your personal brand, learn how to effectively negotiate, and develop an elevator pitch that's pitch perfect.

The Switcher:

Move along to move ahead

You don't know everything, but you know a better career is out there. Maybe you have an idea what it is, or maybe you need to reset and see what's new in the marketplace. The CMCWP knows how to help you go your own way. They provide the tools, but the hard work up to you.

A new career isn't a matter of picking from a list or flipping through brochures. It starts with you -- your goals and your abilities. From there, they'll support you in finding a career that fits you, rather than fitting you into a career.

Whether switching or accelerating, the CMCWP support will help you get there faster; and you'll be more prepared. In your classes and the boardroom, you'll recognize the added value you bring. Your organization will recognize it, too.