The Podcast component requires the title and a feed url.
This component shows the latest episode.

Markup Details
                            {{ attach_library('goizueta_theme/podcast') }}
{% import '@components/icons/icons.twig' as icons %}

<article class="podcast">
  <div class="podcast__image">
    <img src="{{ podcast.image_url }}" alt="{{ podcast.name }}" />
  <div class="podcast__details">
    <div class="podcast__name-container">
      <div class="podcast__name">
        {{ podcast.name }}
    <div class="episode__container">
      <div class="episode__title">
        {{ episode.title }}
      <div class="episode__date-time">
        <div class="episode__date">
          {{ episode.date }}
        <div class="episode__time">
          {{ episode.time }}
      <div class="episode__player">
        <audio controls="true" preload="none" src="{{ episode.url }}"></audio>
      <div class="episode__download">
        <a href="{{ episode.url }}" target="_blank" class="episode__download-link" download>
          <span class="episode__icon-wrapper">
            {{ icons.get('download', 'episode__download-icon') }}
            {{'Download Episode'|t}}