Academic Standards and Honors

Honor Code

Members of the Roberto C. Goizueta Business School community are committed to values of honor, integrity, and accountability. We will not use dishonest means to gain unfair advantage in the academic arena, nor will we tolerate anyone who does so.

Academic dishonesty is a corrosive force at any University. Apathy or acquiescence in the presence of academic dishonesty is not a neutral act. It undermines the bonds of trust and honesty between members of the community and defrauds those who may eventually depend on our knowledge and integrity.

All members of the University community, students, faculty, and staff share the responsibility and authority to challenge and report acts of apparent academic dishonesty. Any member of the University community who has witnessed an apparent act of academic dishonesty, or has information that reasonably leads to the conclusion that such an act has occurred or has been attempted, has the responsibility to inform the faculty member in the class involved or the Honor Council promptly in writing.

Undergraduate students enrolled at Goizueta Business School are also expected to conform to the conduct requirements as described in the Emory University Undergraduate Code of Conduct, and to conduct themselves in accordance with the ideals for which Emory stands.

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BBA Honor Council Members 2015-2016

  • Jacob Horowitz (President)
  • Max Levinson
  • Katherine Usiak
  • Allison Warrack
  • Caroline Grant
  • Chunchun Gu
  • Bonnie Peng
  • Jacob Durst

Grade Distribution

The following recommended grade distribution for BBA courses is intended to result in an equitable policy that underscores the rigor of the program and provides a means for accurately assessing and recognizing the quality of student performance.

Grade BBA Core BBA Elective
A 15% - 20% 15% - 25%
A- 15% - 20% 15% - 25%
Not to exceed 35% 40%
B+ 15% - 20% 15% - 25%
B 15% - 20% 15% - 25%
B- 10% - 15% 10% - 15%
Not to exceed 45% 50%
C+ or below 20% 10%

Honors & Awards

Dean's List

Inclusion on the Dean's List is based on comparative semester grade point average for that semester. BBA students in full residence who fall within the top 20% of their class by semester grade point average are recognized on the Dean's List for that semester. In addition to the requisite class standing, a student must have a cumulative grade point average in the Business School of 3.0 or above and must have been enrolled for twelve or more hours, completed all course work, and earned no grades of Unsatisfactory.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society serving business programs accredited by AACSB International. The mission of the society is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business and personal and professional excellence in the practice of business. Invitation to membership is the highest recognition a business student can achieve, anywhere in the world. At the undergraduate level, membership is extended to those students who both stand in the top 10% of the graduating class and who display the personal and professional attributes befitting the society.

Graduation Honors and Awards

Students whose work has been particularly outstanding during four semesters in the Business School will be granted degrees with distinction, depending on the candidate's final class standing relative to the total graduating BBA Class. The calculation is inclusive of all graduates, including those from the Summer and Fall of the preceding year.

Graduating with honors in the business school is earned by rank:

  • Highest Distinction (Top 5%)
  • High Distinction (Top 6% - 10%)
  • Distinction (Top 11% - 20%)

Faculty Awards


Campbell Accounting Award

This award is presented to the student who has attained the highest scholastic average in accounting during his or her senior year.

Educational Foundation of the Georgia Society of CPA's Award

Presented to the graduating senior with a concentration in accounting who has attained the highest scholastic average over the four year course of his or her undergraduate program

John R. Jones Accounting Award

Presented to an undergraduate accounting student in recognition of outstanding academic and personal characteristics.


Atlanta Society of Financial Analysts Award

This award is presented by the finance faculty to an undergraduate student who demonstrates outstanding academic scholarship and whose contribution to the classroom creates a better learning environment for both students and faculty.

Partnership Award in Finance

Presented by the Finance faculty to the most outstanding undergraduate student in finance.

Real Estate Faculty Award

Presented by the Finance faculty to the most outstanding undergraduate student in real estate.

Information Systems and Operations Management

ISOM Distinction Award

Presented by the ISOM faculty to the graduating senior who best exemplifies excellence in the field of information systems and operations analysis

ISOM Emerging Technologist Award

Presented to the student who best enhances the reputation of the school through the application of state-of-the-art technology to innovative problem solving as well as through interactions with the larger technological community.

ISOM Analytic Consulting Award

Presented to a graduating student who exhibits an exceptional understanding of data analytic tools and methodologies, and has demonstrated his or her ability to leverage this knowledge in field-based projects


American Marketing Association Award

Is presented by the Marketing faculty to the most outstanding undergraduate student in marketing. This award is given based on academic performance and the student's contribution to the marketing area.

Marketing Faculty Honor Award

Presented by the faculty to the most outstanding student or students  in marketing based on academic performance and in service to the area

EmoryMAC Award for Academic Achievement

Presented to a graduating student for academic achievement in marketing analytics coursework and contributions to the Emory Marketing Analytics Center.

Organization & Management

Organization & Management Faculty Award

Presented to the graduating student making the most significant contribution to the field of Organization & Management.

Social Enterprise Distinguished BBA Student Award

Presented to the graduating student who has distinguished himself or herself in the field of social enterprise

Graduation Awards

BBA Scholar Athlete Award

Presented to the graduating business student who has most effectively balanced the demands of varsity athletics with the rigors of the academic program.

Campus Leadership Award

Given to the graduating senior who has served as an exemplary BBA representative through leadership beyond the Goizueta Business School and whose efforts have made an extraordinary contribution to the larger university community

Budnick Award For Transformation Through Creativity

Awarded to the graduating student who has most successfully applied artistic and creative talents to enhance and expand the horizons of the Business School or University, this award is named to honor BBA alum Scott Budnick whose success in the film industry and commitment to Emory helped inspire its creation.

International Ambassador Award

Presented by an inter-departmental committee to the student who has done the most to assist the school in its efforts to forge cross-cultural ties and extend its global reach. 

Meritorious Service Award

Presented to the BBA senior who has significantly enhanced the undergraduate business student experience through service beyond expectations and has supported the mission  of the BBA Program.

BBA Core Values Award

Presented to the graduating senior who most notably embodies principled leadership by demonstrating personal and professional growth, intellectual development, and an imperative to create positive change in organizations.

BBA Unsung Hero Award

Presented to the graduating student who has rendered notable service to the program, the university, or the larger community without expectation of reward or recognition.

Burt And Betty Schear Book Prize

This award, honoring the four Schear children who graduated from Emory, is presented to the student most likely to make a uniquely positive mark on his or her universe

Boisfeuillet Jones Medal

This award is presented to the graduating BBA student who best exemplifies the standards of devoted service, including the qualities of student leadership, integrity, character and contribution, set forth by Boisfeuillet Jones.

Most Outstanding Academic Accomplishment

Presented to the graduating student who has amassed the most distinguished academic record in the program.

Todd Whitman Outstanding BBA Achievement Award

Presented by the faculty and administration of the Goizueta Business School to the BBA student who has made the most significant contribution to academic and community life during his or her tenure at Emory.

John E. Robson Award

Highest award presented across all of the School's degree programs to the student who has best contributed to Goizueta Business School in its ongoing efforts to achieve excellence across all facets of the institution.