Organization & Management

We live in a society where organizations are the engines of technology and social innovation, the foundations of careers, and the bases of social diversity. The study of organizations is at the cutting edge of the social sciences - a multi-disciplinary endeavor that draws on psychology, sociology,political science and economics.

The Organization & Management (O&M) program prepares students for research and teaching careers in one of these major areas: organization theory, economic sociology, and organizational behavior. Doctoral study in O&M provides students an opportunity to synthesize theory and practice, pursue cutting-edge research, and cultivate teaching skills.

Faculty and Published Work

The O&M faculty study a wide range of topics, from micro-level individual perceptions and capabilities to more macro-level phenomena such as the strategies and performance of organizations, industries, and institutions. To do so, we utilize a wide array of research techniques, including experiments, longitudinal event history analysis, computer simulations, survey questionnaires, case studies, and qualitative methods.

We have an active program of research and publication in the leading journals in management as well as the reference disciplines of sociology, psychology and economics including a history of visible roles in professional associations for scholars, and publishing in and serving on the editorial boards of leading journals including: American Journal of Sociology; American Sociological Review; Social Forces; Organization Science; Administrative Science Quarterly; Strategic Management Journal; Academy of Management Journal; Academy of Management Review; American Economic Review; Psychological Science; Journal of Applied Psychology; Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.


Student Statistics

Dissertations & Placements