Goizueta Ambassadors

Below are our 2015-2016 Full-Time MBA Ambassadors. We know how helpful it can be to talk with current students as you are choosing an MBA program, and we hope you'll take the opportunity to connect with Goizueta students.

Please be considerate of our students' time and refrain from sending the same question to multiple Ambassadors.

Two-Year MBA Ambassadors

Student Hometown I am a... Concentration
Allen Hsin Taipei International Citizen Consulting/Strategy
April Trust Charlotte Female Student Consulting/Strategy
Arielle Ennis Dallas Female Student Consulting/Strategy
Caleb Szubski Cleveland Consulting/Strategy
Chris Sanson Pequannock Consulting/Strategy
CoCo Chalfant Breckenridge Female Student Consulting/Strategy
Jonathan Sangster Atlanta Consulting/Strategy
Jordan Knight Atlanta Consulting/Strategy
JP Dumenil Atlanta Consulting/Strategy
Mandar Prabhu Gaunker Goa International Citizen Consulting/Strategy
Nam Le Ho Chi Minh International Citizen Consulting/Strategy
Sara Allen Binghamton Female Student Consulting/Strategy
Shikhar Jha Atlanta International Citizen Consulting/Strategy
Stephanie M. Bell Yorktown Heights Female Student Consulting/Strategy
Vijay Raju Atlanta U.S. Minority Consulting/Strategy
Zack Sanders Jacksonville Consulting/Strategy
Molly Parker Denver Female Student Entrepreneurship
Adam H. Dunn Birmingham U.S. Military Veteran Finance
Brian Giometti San Diego Finance
Chelsea Mago Jacksonville Female Student Finance
David Ku Fremont International Citizen Finance
George Papuashvili Tbilisi International Citizen Finance
Juan M Flores Daegu International Citizen Finance
Kichul Suh Seoul International Citizen Finance
Sam Keenan New York Finance
Susumu Handa Yokohama International Citizen Finance
Vikram Jain Kolkata, India International Citizen Finance
Ariela Bitran Santiago, chile U.S. Minority, Female Student General Management/Rotational Program
Brittany Moore Oakland U.S. Minority, Female Student General Management/Rotational Program
Dana Lutt Cincinnati Female Student General Management/Rotational Program
EJ Ndubizu Silver Spring U.S. Minority General Management/Rotational Program
Ju Hyun Kim Buenos Aires International Citizen General Management/Rotational Program
Scott Dykstra Metro Atlanta (Snellville) General Management/Rotational Program
Mair Sanitato Cincinnati Female Student Healthcare
Simon Yin Nanchang International Citizen Healthcare
Ben LoSasso Austin Marketing
Derek Whitworth New Canaan U.S. Minority Marketing
Ellie France Cleveland Female Student Marketing
Jared Greenbaum Los Angeles Marketing
Kirk Smith Arlington Marketing
Laurie Manning Greensboro U.S. Minority, Female Student Marketing
Aleksandr Kirakosyan Atlanta Operations/Supply Chain
Eliza Correa Joinville International Citizen, Female Student Operations/Supply Chain
Koji Minami Hiroshima International Citizen Tech Management
Sohaib Haider Sargodha International Citizen Tech Management

One-Year MBA Ambassadors

Student Hometown I am a... Concentration
Anna Jiang Nashville U.S. Minority, Female Student Consulting/Strategy
Arielle D Scholz Atlanta Female Student Consulting/Strategy
David Schwartz Augusta Consulting/Strategy
Deepti Dabral New Delhi International Citizen, Female Student Consulting/Strategy
Jeremy Arnold Stamford Consulting/Strategy
Hayoung Park Suwanee International Citizen Finance
Julia Barsky Tel Aviv International Citizen, Female Student Finance
Dongmin Kim Busan International Citizen General Management/Rotational Program
Brett Patterson Raleigh Female Student Marketing