Photo of Kaili Mumme Delp
    Kaili Mumme Delp, 15MBA
    Internship: Human Resources Leadership Program Intern, GE Healthcare

    Concentration/Industry:  MBA/MPH 2015, Healthcare

    Hometown:  Cary, NC

    Words of Wisdom: Even before you decide where to apply, truly think about what you are looking for in an MBA and then talk to students to figure out if a school is the right match for you and your goals. Try to visit the campuses you are considering to get a realistic feel for the environment. Relax and have fun during the process because it will go by fast!

    Why I chose Goizueta: I chose Goizueta because I was impressed by the community which stood out from the other schools I considered. It immediately felt like a great fit for me, even during the interview process. I felt that Goiuzeta's community, both inside and outside the classroom would support me with any endeavor that I chose to pursue and that has proven true many times.

    "The [SE@G] program attracted me because of the unique opportunity to provide social impact...I have always been passionate about public service and social change and this program aligns with my post-MBA/MPH career goals."

    Past Experience

    • John Snow, Inc - Public Health Consulting
    • Peace Corps Volunteer
    • Public health field work

    SE@G Involvement

                    Photo of Juan Martin Flores
    Juan Martin Flores, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Finance & Administration Manager, IBM

    Concentration/Industry: Consulting/Strategy; Organization & Management

    Hometown:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Why I chose Goizueta:  This is the moment to take over your career and bring it to a whole new level. Goizueta has all the tools you need to get there. 

    Words of Wisdom: Goizueta offers an intimate learning environment, combined with the dynamics of a big city. It is a top ranked school and #1 in job placement post MBA. Diversity and ethical leadership definitely define this school.

                    Photo of Ellie France
    Ellie France, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Online Channel Laptop Merchandiser , Dell, Inc.

    Concentration/Industry:  Marketing

    Hometown:  Cleveland, OH

    Words of Wisdom: 1. Learn everything you can about your prospective schools - subscribe to student blogs, reach out to Student Ambassadors, go on a class visit, visit school booths at MBA Career Fairs, etc.   2. Visit every single school to which you apply. This is one of the best ways for a prospective student to get a realistic picture of what it would be like as a student on that particular campus.  3. Talk to as many people as you can from your prospective schools - mentors, admissions, current students, alum, etc.   4. Remember, this is a two-way street. The school has to like you, but, more importantly, you have to like the school.   *Bonus: If you start the application process early enough, you may be able to qualify for business school prep-programs like MLT, JumpStart and The Consortium.  

    Why I chose Goizueta: Not only is Goizueta Business School a top 20 school, but also it is one of the highest in rankings for post-MBA job placement! Overall, what really sold me on Goizueta was the fit. All students help each other perform at their highest potential without competition nor judgment. The rankings are great, but I also wanted a close network that would support me even after graduation. I found that group at GBS.  

                    Photo of Susumu Handa
    Susumu Handa, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Associate Director, Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.

    Concentration/Industry: Finance & Social Enterprise

    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

    Words of Wisdom: This is the time to venture on the sea with your friends. One of the keys to approach this rapidly changing world is collaboration with diversified people. Goizueta Business School is only top ranked business school, which has really strong and friendly community, the Goizueta community. We will approach business and social problems together, making positive impact on the world.

    Why I chose Goizueta: First is the ranking. Highly educated and well experienced students can create constructive and valuable discussion. Second is the place. Creating business networks with international big companies is very important for investment bankers. Third is the school size. We can create lifelong relationship since we know deeply total 180 students.

                    Photo of Ted Hickey
    Ted Hickey, 15MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Market Group Leader - Fees & Ancillary Revenue, Delta Air Lines, Inc

    Concentration/Industry:  Organization & Management & Marketing

    Hometown:  Santa Fe, NM

    Words of Wisdom:  Time management. The recruiting window for business school may seem like a long time but it goes by very quickly. I am sure that you are looking at multiple schools and each one requires a materially time investment. Make sure that you put in the time to adequately review your target schools  through both quantitative and qualitative lens.... and stick to your schedule! The qualitative component, specifically cultural fit, was the most important piece of my decision making process and I am sure that you will encounter a similar qualifier in your own search. 

    Why I chose Goizueta:  Culture. Goizueta's culture is second to none across the business school landscape. Come visit us and find out for yourself.

                    Photo of Lindsey Jones
    Lindsey Jones, 14MBA
    Senior Sales Representative, Eli Lilly & Company

    Concentration/Industry:  Marketing

    Hometown:  Louisville, KY

    Current City:  Indianapolis, IN

    Words of Wisdom:  Pursuing an MBA degree is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although the preceding months and weeks may seem daunting at times, the short- and long-term impact an MBA is unmistakable. My best advice for prospective students is to totally immerse yourself in the experience. Learn as much as you can from your professors and peers, actively participate in classroom discussions and extracurricular events, and pursue that dream job. The time goes by so quickly and when you take a moment to reflect on the experience, you'll be amazed by how much you accomplished in a few short years. 

    Why I chose Goizueta:  Goizueta provided all of the resources that I needed to have an unforgettable business school journey and a strong foundation for my post-MBA marketing 

                    Photo of Peter Miklius
    Peter Miklius, 15MBA
    Internship: Associate, Gabriel Holdings, LCC (Summer Internship)

    Concentration/Industry:  Finance & Real Estate

    Hometown:  Quincy, IL

    Words of Wisdom:  Get involved in everything you can

    Why I chose Goizueta:  The small class size and the proximity to Atlanta (especially when Real Estate recruiting)

                    Photo of Tara Mumford
    Tara Mumford, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Project Coordinator within Financial Product Design team at Target, Target

    Concentration/IndustrY:  Social Enterprise

    Hometown:  Eden Prairie, MN

    Words of Wisdom:  Choose a school where you feel like you click with the people and enjoy the community because the network you build in grad school is one that can last a lifetime

    Why I chose Goizueta:  The combination or rigorous academics and fun people, the small class size, and the fact that we're located in a large city with many opportunities

    "I was attracted to SE@G because I want to make a complete career switch and do something that I know gives back. I want to explore how I can bring my finance and operations background to a foundation and the fellowship provides a unique opportunity to learn from other students and the residents."

    Past Experience

    • Project Coordinator, Financial Services, Target
    • Leadership Development Program, Target
    • Treasurer for Target Volunteer Council
    • Founder of Literacy program for adults with special needs at Fraser Twin cities
                    Photo of EJ Ndubizu
    EJ Ndubizu, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Process Engineer, W.L. Gore & Associates

    Concentration/Industry:  Consulting/Strategy; ISOM;  Finance

    Hometown:  Silver Spring, ME

    Words of Wisdom:  There are many great business schools out there. Make sure you are seeking a program that has great resources in your interest. In addition, make sure you reach out to fellow prospective students. They may become your classmates!

    Why I chose Goizueta:  I was seeking a rigorous business school program in a global city with a small, collaborative class of ambitious and intelligent peers. During my visits to campus, I was blown away with the family atmosphere within the community. I truly feel like I belong in this community.

                    Photo of Matthew Pierce
    Matthew Pierce, 15MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Natural Gas Control Coordinator, Chevron Corp.

    Concentration/Industry:  Consulting/Strategy; ISOM

    Hometown:  Houston, TX

    Words of Wisdom:  Always visit the school and meet at least 10 students from any school you apply to.  Fit is very important.

    Why I chose Goizueta:  From the time I walked in the courtyard into the halls, I immediately felt the familial atmosphere from the professors, students and the administration.  They all knew each other and me.

                    Photo of Erin Rehm
    Erin Rehm, 14MBA
    Sr. Financial Analyst, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    Concentration/Industry: Finance; Consulting/Strategy

    Hometown: Charleston, SC

    Current City: Atlanta, GA

    Why I chose Goizueta: Simply, the passion and the people

    Words of Wisdom: Find out what makes you unique and build your brand around it!

                    Photo of Tiffany S. Robinson
    Tiffany S. Robinson, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Consultant, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

    Concentration/Industry:  Finance

    Hometown:  Washington, DC

    Words of Wisdom:  Demonstrate your genuine interest in the MBA program and network (top to bottom)! By the time you submit your application, the Admissions Office should have a sense of who you are and be excitedly anticipating your application. During the admissions process, observe the level of engagement and sort of communication you get from the schools (students and staff) - how they treat you as a perspective, is indicative of how they will treat you as a full time student and similarly, the culture. 

    Why I chose Goizueta: I ultimately chose Goizueta because of the level of engagement I experienced from the day one introduction, to the application, to the acceptance from the students, faculty, and staff. Before even submitting an application, I felt that they wanted me here and wanted to see me do well. 

                    Photo of Karen Sutton
    Karen Sutton, 15MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: District Service and Parts Manager, Toyota Motor Sales

    Concentration/Industry:  Marketing; Organization & Management

    Hometown:  Chicago, IL

    Words of Wisdom:  You will enjoy your time in school but it goes by extremely fast. Take time to take in the moments and cherish the relationships that are made while in school. The schoolwork is beneficial and your social life will soar to new heights, your balance and time management skills will amaze you.

    Why I chose Goizueta: As soon as I visited I knew it was the school for me based on the energy and openness of individuals. Everyone from the program office, professors, and admissions to students are so welcoming and invested in you personally.

                    Photo of David Wattenmaker
    David Wattenmaker, 13MBA
    Goizueta Leadership: President of Goizueta Veteran's Club

    Concentration/Industry:  Organization & Management

    Hometown:  Woodbridge, VA

    Current City:  Atlanta, GA

    Words of Wisdom:  Find the school that has the best "fit" for you.  Rankings and other literature may be helpful, but the personal feel for you is what will matter the most for your MBA experience.  

    Why I chose Goizueta:  I appreciated that I could find in Goizueta Business School a top ranked program in a great business city like Atlanta that had  a small class size and intimate learning environment.  The tight-knit community between professors and students had exactly what I was seeking.