Photo of Scott Johnstone
    Scott Johnstone, 14FTMBA

    Prior to returning to school, Scott Johnstone 14MBA, had a lot of experience implementing other people's strategies. However, he wanted to be the one planning and developing those strategies.

    "I believed an MBA was the best way to gain the required skills and experience to make that career leap. It sounds cliché, but I chose Goizueta because of the culture. At Goizueta, you are more than a number and have amazing personal access to the staff, faculty and alumni. The collaborative nature of the program is evident as the students help each other with their studies and their preparation for interviews."

                    Photo of Clair Krigline
    Clair Krigline, 14FTMBA

    Clair Krigline 14MBA, knew early in life that she would need to earn an MBA. “It’s something I've wanted to do my entire life. I knew getting an MBA was necessary to achieve my career goals,” says Clair.

    She names Emory University and Goizueta Business School’s reputation among employers and vast network as two reasons she chose to study at Goizueta. Desiring to stay within the consulting industry after graduation, she knew the One-Year MBA Program would be the perfect fit.

                    Photo of Jason Harlow
    Jason Harlow, 14FTMBA

    Words of Wisdom: Goizueta is an atmosphere that creates business leaders but not in a cut-throat way you may find at other schools. The collaborative environment and the shared responsibility of each student is evident and is what fuels success of MBA candidates at Emory. The students here have a mindset that we want to make Goizueta a better place; a better environment socially, professional, and academically. It's not about us (current students), it's about the alum who have come before us who have created this opportunity and academic culture and also the people after us who are deemed with sustaining its greatness. If you choose to come here, a lot will be expected of you, not only in the classroom, but also in the community and extra curricular activities. If you like to be challenged and want to have an array of leadership opportunities in an environment that is safe and collaborative, then Goizueta could be a great fit for you.

    Why you chose Goizueta: Goizueta's community feature, shared responsibility amongst the students which I knew would create a support system to be successful in the program. The One-Year program and it now being apart of the Consortium. Location – Atlanta creates access to global companies is unmatched by most schools.

                    Photo of Jeff  Edwards
    Jeff Edwards, 14FTMBA
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                    Photo of Jesús Figueroa
    Jesús Figueroa, 14FTMBA

    "For me, SE@G was one of the deciding factors in choosing Goizueta. I have really enjoyed working with Peter Roberts and the SE@G staff as we pilot the launch of Farmers to 40, a direct-trade coffee project in conjunction with our partners in Nicaragua. I am gaining valuable project management and forecasting experience and using marketing and strategy skills I've learned in the classroom to help develop a real-world venture. These are applied skills I will take with me to future internship and full-time employers as I continue along my MBA path."

                    Photo of Randolph Ng
    Randolph Ng, 14FTMBA

    Words of Wisdom: Having a career plan in mind and exploring those options early on by speaking with classmates and seniors will help set you down the right path early on.

    Why you chose Goizueta: Emory boasts a high quality law and public health programs, which allows for cross faculty learning as well as ample opportunities for partners. Likewise, the city of Atlanta provides these options as well, while allowing for networking with companies without the need for excessive travel.

                    Photo of Shajji Mohammed
    Shajji Mohammed, 14FTMBA

    Words of Wisdom: Talk to as many people as possible to understand your fit and if the school is the best out there for your needs.

    Why you chose Goizueta: Small class size and abundant job opportunities in Atlanta and the prestige of Emory University.

                    Photo of Rachael Waddell
    Rachael Waddell, 15FTMBA

    Words of Wisdom: Don't blink! Already well into first semester, business school flies by!

    Why you chose Goizueta: Initially attracted by a strong academic program situated in the heart of the Southeast, I was so impressed by my connection with the current students when I visited. While all of the students come from diverse backgrounds, we share a common bond that is quickly noticed by visitors.

                    Photo of Pinar Samur
    Pinar Samur, 14FTMBA

    Pinar Samur 14MBA decided to pursue her MBA not only to broaden her skills and knowledge in general management, but also to specialize in new developments in the marketing. "I decided to enroll at Goizueta for couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is a Top 20 MBA program with a close community feeling and advantages. Second, the rigorous One Year MBA program that enabled me to get the MBA skills and experience in one year and get back to the business world quickly."

    When it came time to do her homework and research MBA Programs, Pinar was able to reach out to alumni and current students, who willingly shared their experiences and encouraged her to apply. "I was attracted to the endless opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience in one year time period," says Pinar. She lists Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consulting (GMSC) projects, Management Practice projects and Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy (GALA) as key influencers on her decision to choose Goizueta.