Photo of Andi Albanese
    Andi Albanese, 15MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Associate - International Tax Services, PwC

    Concentration/Industry: Marketing; Organization & Management

    Hometown: Tampa, FL

    Words of Wisdom: When choosing a business school, you do not have to sacrifice on any single criteria. It is possible to have a fulfilling academic, social and personal growth experience!

    Why I chose Goizueta: Goizueta Business School has a dual threat - rigorous academics coupled with a close-knit community that cannot be duplicated.

                    Photo of Todd Brock
    Todd Brock, 15MBA
    Internship: MBA Summer Associate - Operations Strategy, Delta Air Lines

    Concentration/Industry: Consulting/Strategy; ISOM

    Hometown: Loganville, GA

    Words of Wisdom: Take the time to visit the schools you are interested in. The time spent will be well worth it once you find yourself at the school that fits you the best.

    Why I chose Goizueta: I chose Goizueta Business School because of the close knit yet diverse student community and the opportunities available in the dynamic city of Atlanta. Additionally, Goizueta provides many opportunities for networking and exposure to potential employers, many of which have offices in Atlanta.

                    Photo of Coco Chalfant
    Coco Chalfant, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Marketing Manager, Paradigm Group

    Concentration/Industry:  Consulting/Strategy

    Hometown:  Breckenridge, CO

    Words of Wisdom:  Culture matters.  You will spend thousands of hours with your classmates over two years.  Make sure you talk with current students/alumni or schedule an on-campus visit to understand what the school is like and whether you can see yourself in that community.  

    Why I chose Goizueta: To me, Goizueta has the perfect combination of strong academic experience, corporate partners, and tightly-knit community.  Everyone I've met at Goizueta wants to be here and help you make the most of your time in business school.

                    Photo of Bharat Ganesan
    Bharat Ganesan, 15MBA
    Internship: Associate Brand Manager Intern, Georgia-Pacific

    Concentration/Industry: Marketing

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Words of Wisdom:The experience of a full-time business school is one unlike any other. While focusing on the classes and the educational aspect of the program, do not miss all the great things the other students and the city have to offer. Atlanta is a dynamic environment with hundreds of top companies - take the chance to go out into the community and network with area professionals. Take the time to get to know your other classmates. Goizueta has a fantastic profile of students from all over the world. These students will be the future leaders of major industries and corporations. Enjoy all aspects of business school - it is a once in a lifetime experience.

    Why I chose Goizueta: The small class size and family culture, combined with the diverse student body, provide for a great learning environment. The dynamic landscape of Atlanta, with hundreds of top companies, allows for great networking and recruiting opportunities as well.

                    Photo of Marc Gollob
    Marc Gollob, 15MBA
    Internship: Commercial Banking - Summer Associate, Wells Fargo

    Concentration/Industry: Finance & Real Estate

    Hometown: Simsbury, CT

    Words of Wisdom: For those interested in Goizueta, (1) Make sure you like Coca-Cola, and if you don't, then start (2) Consider what level of involvement you are looking for in your program, because it's pretty much guaranteed that if you come here you will be actively involved in the community.

    Why I chose Goizueta: I was intrigued by Goizueta due to it's small size and the feeling of community that they foster in the program. Additionally, after 9 years living on the West Coast, I wanted to be closer to family and friends on the East Coast.

                    Photo of Lauren Holohan
    Lauren Holohan, 15MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

    Concentration/Industry: Consulting

    Hometown: New York

    Why I chose Goizueta: At Goizueta, I know my professors, mentors, and peers will motivate me to deepen my critical thinking skills, stretch my ability to creatively solve problems, grow as a global citizen, and build a core managerial skillset.

                    Photo of Shikhar Jha
    Shikhar Jha, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Software Engineer-II, Aristocrat Leisure Ltd. - largest slot manufacturer for worldwide casinos

    Concentration/Industry:  Consulting/Strategy

    Hometown:  Delhi, India

    Words of Wisdom: The best skill one can acquire is being oneself. Be smart, honest, skillful, diligent and knowledgeable, but most importantly, be who you are.

    Why I chose Goizueta: The diverse, close knit and caring community-cum-family, which works for mutual growth and progress, was the reason why I chose Goizueta Business School over every other school.

                    Photo of David Israel Mendez
    David Israel Mendez, 15MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Operations Team Leader, General Mills

    For David, he knew his goal of one day being a VP of Supply Chain at a global firm meant taking his education to the next level. As for when, it was the sooner, the better. Says David, "I chose the one year program because I wanted to leverage my past supply chain experience. When you have a world-class business school three miles from your home, why look anywhere else? Goizueta's values-based approach was ideal and it provided me everything I could ask from a business school."

    When asked single aspect of Goizueta appealed the most, he replied, "The school's support and commitment to veterans, and most importantly, leadership. Come to campus and meet our close-knit community. You will immediately feel appreciated and know that you will have a support network composed of students and members of the administration."

                    Photo of Shajji Mohammed
    Shajji Mohammed, 14MBA
    Finance Manager, L'Oréal

    Concentration: Finance, Consulting, ISOM

    Current City: New York, NY

    Hometown: Hyderabad, India

    Words of Wisdom: MBA is a big trade-off. Understand which program best suits your needs - Full-Time vs. part time. Prepare well for GMAT - keeps the applicant in the race. Admission application needs several weeks/months of careful thinking and introspection - do not rush this process. It is always a good idea to identify future job functions where you can transfer your current experience/skills. Be prepared to jump into job search as soon as you arrive at the business school. Last, but most important, know why you want to get an MBA and how it will help you achieve your career goals.

    Why you chose Goizueta: Small Class Size, Great Location, Friendly Community, People help each other a lot

                    Photo of Molly Parker
    Molly Parker, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Employer Relations Manager, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

    Concentration/Industry:  Marketing & Healthcare

    Hometown: Denver, CO

    Words of Wisdom:  When choosing a business school, think about what learning environments you thrive best in. Goizueta offers small classes and hands on learning that truly differientiates itself among the top 20 business schools. 

    Why I chose Goizueta:  I knew Goizueta was the only choice for me! The big selling point was what the alumni had to say about Goizueta. Whether they graduated last year or 30 years ago, their passion for the school and their experiences blew me away. The friendships and network you find here, truly last a lifetime.

                    Photo of Kirsten Reed
    Kirsten Reed, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

    Concentration/Industry: ISOM & O&M

    Hometown:  California, VA and Florida (moved around a lot)

    Words of Wisdom: Choose a school in an area or region where you can see yourself living after school; it will make recruiting a much smoother process.

    Why I chose Goizueta:  The current and prospective students I met at Welcome Weekend were not only smart and impressive but also the types of people I could see myself being friends with for a very long time.

                    Photo of Chris Sanson
    Chris Sanson, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Associate , First Annapolis Consulting

    Concentration/Industry:  Consulting/Strategy

    Hometown:  Pequannock, NJ

    Words of Wisdom: Try to visit the programs you are applying to and get a feel for the people - the students, faculty, and administrators - that will be with you for the next two years.  You'll be spending a LOT of your time with these people, and they will form the foundation of your network after graduation.  Don't underestimate how important it is to feel like you can fit in with and relate to your class and school.

    Why I chose Goizueta:  At the various events I attended while applying to schools, I was impressed by the level of community and collaboration I observed among the student body, and I was excited by the level of genuine enthusiasm and interest shown by the faculty and administrators.

                    Photo of Joey Shannon
    Joey Shannon, 15MBA
    Internship: Investment Banking Summer Associate, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

    Concentration/Industry: Finance/Entrepreneurship

    Hometown: Birmingham, AL

    Words of Wisdom:  When looking at prospective schools, it's good to think ahead about where you want to be after school. Think about what companies you could see yourself at and then ask if the school places alumni at those companies. It always helps to have an alum on the other end to bounce questions off of and help in the networking process.

    Why I chose Goizueta: I chose Goizueta because of the people. After attending welcome weekend, I knew that it was the place for me based on the quality of people I met. I felt like I belonged with the other accepted students and knew that I'd have a great experience for the next two years.

                    Photo of Kirk Smith
    Kirk Smith, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Management Consultant , Booz Allen Hamilton

    Concentration/Industry: Marketing/Consulting/ISOM

    Hometown: Arlington, VA

    Words of Wisdom: Do your research and apply to schools for reasons other than their rankings; visit every school you intend to apply to, or if you can't, participate in as many webinars as possible; develop self awareness of what your strengths and weaknesses are before you arrive on campus; move to your respective city with plenty of time to settle in to your new environment; and above all else, realize that this is an opportunity to change who you are, what you're doing, and how your future unfolds- make the most of it!

    Why I chose Goizueta: The clear articulation of a value proposition that appealed to me: Learning intimately from a world class faculty located in a dynamic city full of career opportunities

                    Photo of Liz Wolfe
    Liz Wolfe, 16MBA
    Pre-Goizueta Employment: Clinical Dietitian, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

    Concentration/Industry:  Healthcare

    Hometown: Valparaiso, IN