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Transforming Analytics Into Business Insights

In the xMSBA: MS in Business Analytics for Working Professionals, you’ll build on your technical and quantitative experience to develop advanced data science skills and comprehensive business acumen. In a project-driven learning environment, you'll learn beyond the boundaries of industries, fields, and geography to be able to leverage data to solve business problems in a data-driven world.
  • Months to Completion

    July - May
  • Immersive Residencies

    2 in Atlanta + 2 Global
  • Core & Elective Courses

    8 Core + 2 Electives

xMSBA Advantage

  • Advanced Analytics Core

    Develop advanced analytical skills in machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud analytics, and data visualization.
  • Cloud Computing Based

    Become an expert on working with big data on the cloud using AWS SQL & NoSQL, Hadoop, Pig and Spark.
  • Intimate Learning Community

    Learn within an intimate learning community where you will be guided by both industry mentors and academic experts—the same faculty who teach in the full-time MSBA.
  • Convenient Schedule

    Classes meet on campus on alternate Wednesday and Friday evenings (6:30-9:15pm) and Saturdays (9am - 6pm) with livestream for global participation.

xMSBA Schedule

Download a sample xMSBA program schedule to understand the timing and flow of the xMSBA courses and immersions.

xMSBA Academic Timeline

xMSBA Curriculum Timeline

xMSBA Core Courses

This course examines how statistical methods lead to understanding and describing data. We use R/RStudio to review basic data exploration and statistical methods. Topics covered include simple descriptive statistics through hypothesis testing and modeling.

In this course, students gain competence in practical database, data warehousing, and data management skills with emphasis on query, data modeling, ETL, and data management. They will also become familiar with major elements of the big data ecosystem.

We will study the fundamental principles and techniques of data mining in order to extract useful information and knowledge from data. We will improve our ability to approach problems "data-analytically,” examine real-world examples that place data mining in context, and apply data-mining techniques while working hands-on with data mining projects. The course will provide an understanding of the general framework for building and evaluating predictive models, both for classification and numeric prediction data mining tasks. The course will cover supervised predictive modeling techniques as well as unsupervised predictive modeling techniques.

This is an introduction to basic concepts in machine learning, both supervised and unsupervised. The basic ideas of neural networks will be presented. Machine learning from data streams (online learning) using stochastic gradient descent is also covered.

Where the art of graphic design meets with the science of data analytics. Learn how to perform exploratory analysis through visualization, how to create professional-looking visualizations for use in business reports and presentations, and how to design interactive visualizations and dashboards.

Delve into a number of selected current and emerging data analytics areas that are increasingly important for organizations. Areas include advanced elements of the predictive modeling process, ensemble methods, cost-aware data analytics, mining text and data, recommender systems, and other advanced topics.

This course introduces students to optimization and simulation, powerful techniques for better decision-making (in particular, linear, integer and non-linear programming), and Monte Carlo and discrete event simulation, and discuss their application to problems in business and data analytics.

The xMSBA Analytics Practicum leverages skills and techniques learned throughout the course of the program and applies them to real-world business situations. Students formally define problems, clean data, aggregate with other data sources, and identify and use appropriate analytical techniques to address questions.

xMSBA: Master of Science in Business Analytics for Working Professionals

Program Timeline

You want to lead at the critical nexus where business, data, and technology intersect. With our 10-month, multi-disciplinary xMSBA: MS in Business Analytics for Working Professionals, you can. So what is it about Goizueta that separates us from the rest? Start with the fact that you will be taught by business school faculty with deep academic knowledge and extraordinary industry experience—the same faculty that teach in the full-time MSBA program. Pair that with a small, intimate learning community where you will be guided by both academic and industry mentors. Then layer on the unique format for working professionals with classes conveniently delivered on alternate Wednesday and Friday evenings (6:30-9:15pm) and Saturdays (9am-6pm).
xMSBA: Master of Science in Business Analytics for Working Professionals
  • Summer Semester

  • Summer Semester

    Onboarding & Boot Camps
    Your xMSBA experience starts with a 6-day Atlanta residency. Participate in a series of boot camps (Math, Technology, Business, and Business Problems Solving) that set lay the foundation and prepare you for an intensive academic experience.
  • Fall Semester

  • Fall Semester

    Core Courses
    Dive deep into data science. You'll complete core courses in managing big data, business analytics, AI and machine learning, data visualization, and decision analytics.
  • Fall Semester

    Global Residency
    Embark on the first of two 3-day global residencies. Immerse yourself in a foreign culture and gain a whole new perspective on international business through company visits and presentations in another country.
  • Spring Semester

  • Spring Semester

    Core + Elective Courses
    Finish the core curriculum with an advance AI and machine learning course. Then personalize your experience with two elective courses. Choose from course options in information systems, operations management, marketing, and organization and management.
  • Spring Semester

    Analytics Practicum
    Apply the advanced business analytics skills you learned in the xMSBA by using real data for a real client to solve a real business problem. This is your chance to put your skills to the test in another industry or field or to solve a problem for your own organization.
  • Spring Semester

    Global Residency
    Complete the second of two 3-day global residencies. Each residency will take place in a different country outside of the U.S. and will include company site visits.
  • Spring Semester

    Atlanta Residency
    Your xMSBA experience culminates with a final 6-day Atlanta residency where you will deliver your Analytics Practicum presentations to your client and then walk across stage at graduation with an advanced degree in business analytics and a lifetime of career confidence.

Real Data. Real Clients. Real World.

business analytics presentation
Master's in Business Analytics

Analytics Practicum

Learn by doing. That’s the philosophy that drives our xMSBA. You’ll work within a small team mentored by faculty to apply everything you learned in the program to devise a data-driven solution for a real client business problem. Projects conclude with an industry day where you’ll present the analysis and findings of your work to the firms that have shared their data.

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