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Goizueta Business Principle No. 85

Healing People Should Start with Healing Business

Our vision is to create avenues to build scholarship and practical links between market-based approaches and the healthcare industry while providing students with skills to become leaders in this rapidly-expanding field. We will do so by leveraging the knowledge, network, and prestige of Emory in the healthcare space, including our national-recognized Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health, as well as our ties to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • High Dollar Industry

    Approximate amount spent on healthcare in the U.S., per person in 2016
  • Force in the Economy

    Approximate amount of total healthcare expenditures as part of U.S. GDP
  • Growing Problem

    Rate at which healthcare spending is surpassing economic growth
Healthcare | Strategic Plan

Proof Points

Improving the quality and delivery of healthcare while addressing its cost is a challenge for this and future generations. Business principles and approaches can play a role in improving the healthcare delivery system domestically and around the world. Through this initiative, we hope to create valuable knowledge around the business of healthcare through industry-related research, partnering with corporations and the community, expanding class offerings and career opportunities, and impacting the sector's need for business acumen through a variety of Executive Education offerings.
Healthcare | Strategic Plan
  • Faculty Research

    Knowledge Creation
    At Goizueta, faculty members are researching human behavior, operations, information technology, and health policy.
  • Broad Focus

    Varied Backgrounds
    Faculty boast appointments in business and other areas related to healthcare.
    Faculty Profiles
  • Choices of Study

    Offerings Across Programs and Paths
    At Goizueta, there are multiple concentrations related to healthcare including dual degrees paring with the MBA, MD, DPT, and MPH.
  • Highlight Events

    Ties with Worldwide Healthcare Influence
    Goizueta hosts topical events on future trends in the healthcare industry and, with partnerships across Emory University, look at areas of innovation and technology.
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  • Curriclum Diversity

    Courses Across Topics
    Coursework in healthcare at Goizueta includes marketing, policy, strategy, technology, and operations.

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