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Whether you’re a finance novice or looking to take your skill in the industry to the next level, Goizueta’s 10-month, action-based Master of Analytical Finance program is for versatile thinkers ready for next-gen finance careers in sales and trading, investment management, FinTech, and investment banking. Created by finance industry professionals, this program offers you unmatched experience and industry know-how through our unique analyst-in-training immersion built throughout the program.
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    With STEM Curriculum

Action-Based Learning

  • Goizueta Finance Lab

    Leverage 24/7 access global markets in a professional trading floor setting with industry platforms including Bloomberg, Factset, and Refinitiv and state-of-the-art tools such as Python, R, and Power BI.
  • "On the Job" Training

    Put knowledge and skills into action by completing real world finance projects throughout the program including consultancy projects using real data to solve real problems for real clients.
  • Analyst-in-Training Immersion

    Throughout the program you will experience the working life of a Wall Street analyst rotating through four divisions of a top-tier global bank or fund.
  • Financial Hub Visits

    Gain an inside look at global banks, stock markets, and investment firms during off-site treks to financial hubs such as New York City and London.

High-Tech, Hands-On Finance

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Goizueta’s STEM-designated Master of Analytical Finance delivers next generation finance professionals that have both strategic expertise and in-demand technical and analytical skills. You will be able to dissect complex business problems, apply cutting edge data and analytical tools to identify solutions, and communicate findings to decision makers at all levels of the organization.

Atlanta's a FinTech Phenom

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The FinTech City

Atlanta’s always been a fast-paced, entrepreneurial place of growth. Today, it’s making another name for itself as a global FinTech capital. Georgia has become a giant in FinTech with 70% percent of all transactions on a global scale passing through the state. The presence of an unprecedented number of financial technology industry leaders near Atlanta means unprecedented access to opportunities for our students.

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