EvMBA, 2015

Justin Winter

Senior Principal Team Leader of Enterprise Analytics, Chick-fil-A


Justin Winter is a manager of Enterprise Analytics technology at Chick-fil-A. In other words, Justin gets to help analysts across the business succeed by ensuring they have the best and most efficient tools to do their work well! More than anything, the best part about his job is a challenging but balanced approach to work, partnering with incredibly smart coworkers who also challenge him to be a better person daily.

One of the most fun and impactful projects Justin has worked on recently was the opportunity to develop the "algorithm" that was used to give free food to customers through the Chick-fil-A One App, seeing it through from idea on a literal napkin to building the automated "Algorithm" for the first customer facing version.

When Justin’s at his best, he’s supporting someone else as they do great work by helping them see the connection to organizational strategy and then boiling the specific need down to a simple set of clarified steps. Making the potentially complex feel really easy.

Chick-fil-A is a surprisingly innovative and creative company given its consistent and steady history. There are incredible chances to see opportunities, pursue them, and then sell the business value. It is also a very relational organization where many people work with some of their best friends, which also puts a premium in terms of work on context and people-based influence.

Along with his wife, they raise 5 kids, 16 chickens, a cat, and two guinea pigs. In Justin’s [greatly limited] spare time, he loves to jump on the trampoline with his kids, build out house projects, or sample craft coffee.