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General Student Questions

Classes begin on January 15, 2021 for:

  • Executive MBA Class of 2022
  • Weekend Executive MBA Class of 2021

Classes begin on January 29, 2021 for

  • MS in Business Analytics

Classes begin on January 25, 2021 for:

  • BBA
  • One-Year MBA
  • Two-Year MBA
  • Evening MBA
  • PhD

Modular Executive MBA Class of 2021 will have January, March, and May in-person residencies as scheduled.

For health and safety reasons it will be necessary to strictly limit campus density. Please review the university COVID-19 Event and Gathering Policy for specific details related to on-campus activities and school sanctioned off-campus activities.

Yes, tuition insurance is available through a third-party vendor for students in the event that they may need to withdraw due to illness. All students are eligible to sign up for tuition insurance.

Tuition Insurance Options

All graduation and degree requirements remain in place. As always, advisors will work with individual students to determine the optimal method of fulfilling these requirements.

In scheduling for the upcoming semester, we are offering students multiple options for course enrollments, all of which prioritize their health and safety. Students enrolling in all course formats will be receiving the same educational content from the same Goizueta and Emory faculty members. Our faculty are working tirelessly to optimize the instructional design of each course. We are committed to delivering full educational value for students.

Tuition will be applied uniformly regardless of the mix of online, hybrid, or in-person courses as we will provide equivalent experiences regardless of type of delivery.

Normal grading policies are in place. Other than seminars that are only offered S/U, BBA students may not take any business courses on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. Up to two 300 level College courses may be taken on an S/U basis. Courses taken S/U in spring 2020 do not count against the number allowed.

The current hope is for a normal in-person Spring 2021 commencement, but no determinations can be made at this time.

No decisions have been made regarding Spring 2021.

Yes, deadline extensions, incomplete grades and medical withdrawals will continue to be academic options that can be made available in cases of medical need or hardship.

Yes, all safety protocols are clearly outlined on the Emory Forward website.

Final exams will be administered between May 4 and May 14. Detailed exam schedules will become available at the beginning of the term.

Class schedule days and times are being reviewed and your program office will provide details as they become available.

International Students & Visas

Emory follows the US State Department guidelines on such matters. No additional quarantine information has been communicated by Emory. Emory testing requirement applies to all.

Please check the ISSS website for the latest information about visas. DHS has stated that they are evaluating if students would be able to apply for post-completion OPT from outside the US and may issue additional guidance.

Students are encouraged to participate remotely at the same time class is being delivered live, regardless of time zone. Classes will be recorded for reference, however it is not advised to participate fully asynchronously.

Emory follows the US State Department guidelines on such matters.

Guidance from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is coming soon. The spring and summer terms had flexibility for travel dates if the program had online options. Please check the ISSS website for the latest information about visas.

No. There are other options to qualify for CPT and we will use one of these if students are not able to meet the one academic year requirement.

Career Questions

Emory University recommends that all staff and faculty meet virtually with students whenever possible. BBA advisors and CMC staff will be available for appointments and/or drop-in hours in a virtual format.

Yes the 6-foot rule will be in place for all events and each room will have clearly posted and enforced capacity constraints.

Student spaces with allowable capacity as well as mandated distancing measures will be carefully designated in the building.

Our first priority is the health and safety of our students, employers, and larger community. Ensuring the health and safety of our community comes with significant constraints and limitations, particularly around the capacity of our classroom and event spaces in implementing Emory protocols and CDC recommendations. With that in mind, the Graduate Career Management Center, BBA Career Management Center and the Emory Career Center are committed to facilitating a fair and equitable recruiting process for all Emory undergraduate and graduate students. Reduced classroom capacities and the need to practice proper social distancing make it impossible to ensure all students have equal access to engage with employers in-person. Further, some students may be unable or feel uncomfortable attending in-person recruiting activities. Moving all on-campus recruiting to a virtual format will ensure all students and employers will have the opportunity to connect while prioritizing the health and safety of all involved. Virtual recruiting will also result in equal recruiting access for employers who may no longer be able to recruit Emory University students on-campus due to changes in company policies, corporate travel restrictions, or out of concern for personal health.

Similar to on-campus recruiting, the Career Management Centers are committed to ensuring that all students have equal access to programming and career services. Additionally, proper social distancing, masking, and other health protocols diminish the in-person experience and our capacity to accommodate all students who wish to participate in CMC activities. The CMCs have made the decision to move programming to a virtual format to ensure equal access and prioritize the safety of our community.

Though information sessions and on-campus recruiting activities will be held virtually, the Graduate Career Management Center, BBA Career Management Center and the Emory Career Center are committed to facilitating an equitable and fair process for students and employers alike. To ensure that students have the opportunity to engage with a variety of employers and to ensure that your event is a success, we intend to adopt similar scheduling practices for virtual information sessions as if we were hosting these sessions in-person on campus. Employer information sessions are hour-long events, beginning at 6:00pm, Monday through Thursday. We do not schedule competing organizations in the same time slot. We ask that all organizations adhere to our employer information session recommendations. For more scheduling questions or details, please use the following email contacts:

Undergraduate Recruiting

Graduate Recruiting

The BBA Career Management Center is working closely with the Emory Career Center to confirm key fall dates and establish protocols for virtual recruiting. We will have more information soon with next steps regarding information sessions, on-campus interviews, career fairs, and other activities. Please email Emory Career Center’s Recruitment Team if you have further questions.

Email Career Center Recruitment

Graduate Career Management Center and MSBA Career Management Center will be reaching out to recruiting partners in the upcoming weeks and will have more information to share with employers. Please reach out to Goizueta’s Graduate Employer Relations team with more questions or for more details.

Contact Graduate Employer Relations

We are committed to leveraging technology to ensure that students are able to connect with alumni and employers in meaningful ways. Advancement and Alumni Engagement, the Career Management Centers, and the various academic and co-curricular programs are in communication to identify tools and touchpoints to ensure that the student experience is not diminished in a virtual environment. In moving campus events to virtual platforms, students will be able to engage with a broader base of alumni and employers, both functionally and geographically. This broader reach through structured, intentional programming will create new opportunities for enhanced career education and networking, especially for students interested in emerging areas of business and non-traditional career paths.

Faculty & Staff Questions

All faculty members who need to teach remotely based on CDC guidelines will be able to do so. The remaining classes will default to a hybrid model, and within that model, each faculty will have discretion over the forms of asynchronous and synchronous learning utilized. A very small number of fully in-person classes will be offered as an optional delivery method based on capacity following registration.

All standard attendance policies may be outlined in the syllabus, including mandatory attendance. As is the case for other personal emergencies or health circumstances, faculty will be notified by the relevant program office team in the event of COVID-related absences. All faculty will be expected to have a means by which a student can be assured of continuation of learning and completion of course work in the event that circumstances require quarantine or isolation.

Yes, we expect to return to all normal Business School policies and practices.

Ask Questions

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