Marketing Analytics Center

The Marketing Analytics Center is an academic enterprise designed to create knowledge related to business analytics. We also strive to act as a hub for connecting practitioners, alumni, students and researchers interested in analytics.

The mission of the Emory Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC) is to:

  1. Develop state-of-the-art decision support models and analyses that rely on empirical data and statistical approaches to support firms' explanatory and predictive efforts.
  2. Train students and executives to better leverage technologies and processes, along with fact-based management to inform their decisions and performance.
  3. Provide a community (real and virtual) where practitioners, students and faculty can connect.

EmoryMAC is devoted to creating and disseminating findings and techniques that improve marketing performance. We are, at heart, a cutting edge academic research group focused on advancing the field of Marketing Analytics. A major goal of the EmoryMAC is to educate undergraduate, graduate, and executive students to better manage the various quantitative approaches to data management, usage, and dissemination. This is accomplished through coursework in both degree and non-degree programs, and in placement efforts. In our classrooms, we offer a series of quantitative courses that introduce students to various statistical and field-based testing approaches involving both primary and secondary data. In the marketplace, we collaborate with firms to create internship and placement opportunities. We also hold an annual conference that brings the practitioner community to Emory to network and learn about recent and cutting edge developments in the field of Marketing analytics. Our goal is to make Emory a place that creates knowledge, connects practitioners and trains students.

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