Richard Gaines

Richard Gaines

Analyst, Power, Energy and Infrastructure Group at Lazard

Graduation Date: 11BBA

It helps to find something career-related that makes you stand out -- it could be teaching personal finance, marketing a charity event, starting a club or any number of other opportunities that are either already offered by Goizueta or that the resources are there for you to start on your own. For me it was participating in the competitions, experiencing the courses and taking part in the events offered by the Center. Your experience at Goizueta is ultimately what you make of it, but it doesn’t hurt to have help from the practitioners that teach the courses, alumni that can connect you with job opportunities and peers that share your same interests. Since graduation, I have been helping the Center expand its alumni efforts in New York and am only now realizing the full benefits of being involved early.

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  • Illiquid Investments
  • Strategic Management


  • SEED (Student Endorsed Entrepreneurship Development)
  • Alternative Investments Group

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