Transformational Scholars

Transformational Scholars

Leaders in the classroom -- and the field.

Our faculty interpret contemporary problems and conduct research that shapes the global marketplace.

Emory University

As one of the highly regarded research universities in the world, Emory has a reputation based on the scholarly achievements of its world-class faculty, high-achieving students, top-ranked schools, and more than 70 cutting-edge research centers -- all placing our school in the top 25 best colleges by U.S. News & World Report.

Every year, the University maintains the perfect balance between transformative research and stellar academics. Home to about 15,000 students, Emory offers a wealth of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, arts and entertainment opportunities, research and community service programs, and a variety of other opportunities that give you a rich university experience.

In addition to its international reputation, one of Emory's greatest strengths lies in the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff. As a community, we value differences and offer a variety of organizations, events, and programming that enables you to utilize your unique talents.

Influential Researchers

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Change in business is often the result of intentional efforts and powerful insights, like those created by Goizueta faculty. An accomplished team of thought leaders across areas and functions, our scholars don't just teach business, they influence it on numerous levels. Their research findings impact the way the marketplace acts and reacts, causing them to be seen as world-class change agents.

From asset pricing, to cloud computing and social media measurement, to social enterprise outcomes, their effect on the business world is impressive.

Imagine how much having their knowledge in your corner will benefit you.

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Trusted Advisors

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Our world-class faculty don't just deliver in the classroom. They are also mentors who help you long after exams are over and careers are started.

Dedicated to your pursuit of success, our prestigious and accessible professors help you analyze your options and identify personal and professional goals that fit you best. This combination of valuable learning and personal support is often hard to come by in the business world, but is just another hallmark of the powerful and accessible Goizueta network. With one of the country's lowest business school student/faculty ratios, our faculty is able to work with you one-on-one as you set the overall direction for your career.

At Goizueta, our faculty advisers are on board to coach you towards the best path for your success.

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