Custom Process

Uncovering Key Challenges

Identify Challenges

From your first conversation with Emory Executive Education, our skilled staff guides you along your journey toward an executive education experience that will meet your organizational and strategic objectives. Through a needs assessment, we will work with you to determine gaps and areas for organizational growth.

  • Needs assessment
  • Content analysis of needs assessment data
  • Needs analysis findings
  • Design recommendation

Define Objectives

Before we can design your custom program experience, we must clearly understand the goals of your program. Taking the results of the needs analysis and your organizational context, we partner with you to identify the organizational competencies required for your specific business needs. We help you identify the individual capabilities that will yield improvement and growth in these competencies.

Design Experience

Our Client Team works with your talent development team and key executives to learn about your organization's strategy, challenges, culture, and executive development priorities. The program is then designed to address your specific organizational and executive development needs and is delivered in an applied and relevant manner.

Deliver Program

Adults learn better by doing rather than listening to a lecture. Emory Executive Education offers Goizueta Learning in Action™ modules, which are highly experiential and interactive sessions designed to help executives learn in actionable and forward-thinking ways. Your program modules will feature renowned thought leadership relevant to your business needs delivered through a range of Action Learning experiences to ensure the ideal balance of experience and education.

To learn more about Goizueta Learning in Action™, click here.

Developing Leaders Transforming Organizations Honing Business Acumen Executing Strategic Initiatives
Facilitated Discussion x x x
Business Challenge Project x x
Business Simulations x x
Improvisation x x
Executive Health x x
Leadership Learning Lab x x
Case Studies x x x
Executive Coaching x x
Corporate Site Visits x x x
Executive Presence and Presentation x x
Other Custom Activities TBD

Gauge Impact

The goal of any executive education program is always the value of the knowledge your employees will take away and put to use in your organization. We define the value proposition by discussing your organizational context, taking into account the business climate, leadership dynamics, and corporate culture. As your partner, we work closely with you to determine what value means to your organization. In order to achieve that goal, we will:

  • Understand your circumstances, challenges, and desired outcomes for your executive education experience
  • Understand the subtleties and undercurrents of your business context
  • Utilize an effective analytical framework for identifying critical business drivers

We employ several methods for measuring the program's success, and we work with you to establish the most appropriate combination of measures and the timeline for implementing the evaluations.