Wednesday Jul.
Admissions - Full-Time MBA

Webinar: Understanding and Leveraging Organizational Culture

Time 12 - 1 PM
Organizational culture can help organizations thrive or undermine their effectiveness. In this webinar taught by Emory University's Emily Bianchi, Associate Professor of Organization & Management, you will learn:
  • How culture manifests in organizations
  • How organizational culture can help organizations be successful
  • How to create and nurture a strong culture in your organization
Emory University’s Emily Bianchi holds a PhD in Management from Columbia University and a BA in Psychology from Harvard University. Bianchi's research, published in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and many more, examines how the state of the economy shapes attitudes and behaviors ranging from individualism to ethics. Her work also looks at how economic conditions in early adulthood influence later job attitudes, self-concepts, and moral behavior.
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