Friday Sep.
Faculty Lectures and Seminars

Hightower Lecture in ISOM

Time 10:30 AM - 12 PM
Meeting ID: 917 6047 5841
Title. The Practical Value of User Innovation

The traditional view of new product development is that producer firms are the developers - using marketing research, producers are supposed to “find a need and fill it”.
However, research now shows that at least half of all the most important products (and services) are NOT developed by producers - instead they are developed DIY by those who want to USE them.
When we understand that users as well as producers innovate - in fact, what these two groups do is complementary - many practical changes are required in innovation processes: Instead of “find a need and fill it” - the lesson is also that firms should “find and commercialize user-developed innovations.”
In this talk I will discuss why and how.…
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Prof Eric von Hippel (MIT, Sloan School of Management)
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