John Robson Program for the Study of Business, Public Policy, and Government

John Robson Program for the Study of Business, Public Policy, and Government

Navigating the Intersection of Business and Government

In 2017 The Robson Foundation, named for former dean John E. Robson, pledged $2.1 million to establish the “John Robson Endowment for the Study of Business, Public Policy and Government” at Goizueta Business School. The gift established a program focused on the growing complexities of business and civics. Robson served as dean at the then-Emory Business School from 1986 to 1989, leading the charge to raise the school to national and international prominence.

Mission Statement

Image for Mission Statement The John Robson Program for Business, Public Policy, and Government serves as Goizueta Business School's central forum for issues at the nexus of business, government, and public policy. The primary objective will be to better prepare Goizueta's graduates to be leaders of complex organizations by instilling conversance in issues of public policy from both corporate and governmental perspectives. A further objective is to connect The Robson Program with wider communities to contribute to productive dialogue on business and public policy issues. The Program will strive to leverage the various Schools and departments of Emory University in pursuit of this mission.

Guiding Principles

We are a student-centric program. We aim to provide students with research opportunities and internships, which allow them to work on topics that join together business and government policy. Select students will attend the Robson Annual Conference; many students will be able to enjoy lectures by the renowned Robson Distinguished Lecturers.

We are a community-oriented program. We aim to bring together leaders in the fields of Business, Public Policy, and Government with faculty and students.

We are a nonpartisan program. We aim to present diverse views and encourage dialogue between leaders of diverse backgrounds and policy beliefs. We are focused upon the most critical topics bridging business and policy. Such topics could include: healthcare, financial industry regulation, sustainability, the future of jobs in the age of automation, economic mobility and inequality, and globalizing forces, among many others.

We are attentive to issues at all levels of hierarchy in the world order. Issues we examine may be at a local, national, regional, or global level.

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