We aspire to create and sustain a community at Goizueta that is the best place to study and work. In support of this, we are committed to be a destination where all are respected, supported and valued. Goizueta has taken several important steps towards achieving this mission, including the adoption of a school-wide diversity vision statement, the appointment of a director of diversity and community initiatives, and the creation of a diversity committee.

Assistant Dean of Diversity and Community Initiatives

Alicia E. Sierra was appointed to Assistant Dean of Diversity and Community Initiatives in 2012. Formerly, Associate Director of Admissions and Diversity Recruitment for the MBA Program, she has spent 10 years at Goizueta Business School and a total of 16 years at Emory University. In her role, she reports directly to and serves as an advisor to the dean.

Alicia plays a key leadership role in planning for and carrying out broad-based diversity initiatives that promote the inclusion, awareness, acceptance, achievement, understanding and equality of all members of Goizueta Business School. She also works collaboratively with Goizueta's senior leaders and the Diversity Committee to develop a strategic plan to increase the representation of underrepresented populations to the staff, faculty and student body as well as to promote a climate of inclusion and respect for diverse populations within Goizueta's community.

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee was created in January, 2005 by Tom Robertson, former Dean. This committee's mission is to offer recommendations that help create a positive culture of inclusion, respect, communication, learning, and skill building for Goizueta community members. The committee operates under four guiding principles: inclusiveness, evaluation, institutionalization, and shared responsibility. Chaired by Earl Hill, Senior Lecturer in Organization and Management, the Diversity Committee includes representation from the faculty, students and staff. The diversity committee crafted the School's diversity vision statement that has been adopted by Goizueta. The committee will continue to explore ways and methods of evaluating our progress toward achieving our vision.

For more information about diversity initiatives at Goizueta Business School, please contact Alicia E. Sierra via email or at 404-727-5943.