Goizueta Business School's commitment to diversity is reflected through our strategic alliances, events, programs, student clubs, support organizations, and connection with Emory University resources.

Strategic Alliances

Goizueta actively participates in increasing the representation of women and minorities in business schools and corporations by partnering with several national organizations, including:

Events and Programs

Goizueta offers a number of conferences and programs that provide leadership development, networking and mentorship for diverse students and professionals.

Clubs and Organizations

  • Executive Women of Goizueta Business School (EWG)
  • Black MBA Association (BMBA)
  • Goizueta Christian Fellowship
  • Goizueta Jewish Life
  • Goizueta Partners
  • Goizueta Women in Business (GWIB)
  • Hispanic Business Association (HBA)
  • International Business Association (IBA)
  • Goizueta International Network
  • Goizueta Multi-Cultural Association

University Resources