Student Testimonials

"GMSC adds two very strong elements to your portfolio. The first is that it takes your learning to work with teams to the next level, you spend a large percentage of time on your project working with your GMSC team and you end up learning as much from your fellow team mates as you do from the various experts who guide you throughout the GMSC process. The next is the consulting experience: solving a key problem while managing clients, expectations and deliverables is what consulting is about and being able to do that right before you head out to your internship is invaluable" – Sanibh Aryan, 16MBA Member of Team Halyard

"Like many of my classmates who attended Goizueta Business School, GMSC was a major determining factor! Ultimately, it became THE reason why I decided to attend and it did not disappoint! Through the process I developed into a stronger manager, more dynamic and helpful team member, and I acquired skills and experience that would help to solve very abstract and interesting business challenges. I used almost every component of GMSC in my internship at Marriott in Global Marketing Strategy, and I am forever thankful to GMSC for the experience" – Mitchell Levine, 16MBA Member of Team Halyard

"Through the rigorous experiential learning, GMSC helped me to learn how to build the marketing strategy for the unknown market. As a international student, learning about growing U.S. Hispanic/Latino market was challenging. GMSC provided us opportunity to dig deeper to this REAL problem by giving us useful frameworks, tools, and even feedback from both faculty and business executives. GMSC also left me with very valuable lessons from a teamwork and leadership experience. I learnt the importance of having clear goals and high standard of excellence, and overcame the challenges of forming a diverse team. Determination to exceed client’s expectation motivated us to pass through the raging waves and to generate the final deliverables. I will never forget the feeling of accomplishment on the final presentation day." - Takashi Endo 16MBA Member of team AT&T Mobility

"GMSC provided me with tools that helped me to successfully transition into consulting. Working with a team of very smart people on a very complex, unstructured problem that clients have entrusted you with, was one of the best academic experiences I had as part of the GBS program. It gave me the confidence to hit the ground running in my project work during my consulting internship" – Giselle Barrera, 15MBA Member of Team Cartoon Network

"GMSC was among the best experiences of my MBA. Being able to work in a REAL and CURRENT issue that a company was facing with a diverse group of classmates was the perfect 'practice' for the summer internship" – Luis Perez Martin 15MBA Member of Team Focus brands

"GMSC epitomizes Goizueta's core values Rigor and Teamwork. My team's project gave me first-hand experience with a real client, working on a real issue, and managing a real project timeline... All preparing me for Day One success in my consulting internship." -Darell Singleterry Jr. 15MBA Member of Team Cartoon Network

"GMSC was by far the most rewarding (as well as the most challenging) course I have taken at Goizueta so far. Make no mistake - GMSC is a huge time commitment. However, I felt that what I learnt from this real-life consulting project was something I could only have learnt from a practical consulting engagement - where you get to deal with the client first-hand and experience the realities of business. What I liked most about GMSC is that it gives you a chance to get out of the classroom (and also your comfort zone). For a consulting engagement to be successful, you need more than talent. Getting synergies going in the team, navigating organizational politics, making use of the right resources - these are some of the challenges you get to tackle during GMSC. What was most rewarding for me was the team-building experience and the satisfaction of delivering a strategic recommendation that the client was extremely pleased with." –Saad Pall. 11MBA Team Manheim (2010)

"Being a career changer with an interest in Marketing and Strategy, this course helped me learn how to solve ambiguous real world marketing problems from a consultant's perspective. Prior to Business School, I did not have any idea how to effectively tackle a situation like this. Additionally, I really enjoyed the client interaction and the opportunity to fine tune my presentation skills which then led me to successfully complete my internship end of summer presentation with a full time job offer from American Express. Although the course is rigorous and requires a significant time commitment, Dr. Shah's enthusiasm and willingness to help her students achieve makes it all worth it!" –Kristin Bolton Keys 10MBA, Manheim Team Guide (2010)