Student Testimonials

"One of the main reasons I chose to attend the Goizueta Business School was because of the GMSC program. GMSC truly met my expectations as I was challenged from both a marketing and leadership perspective. When I started my internship at The Coca-Cola Company, I truly felt prepared to take on the challenging analytical, strategic, and team projects." –Jeffrey Davis 10MBA, Member of Team Emory Genetics Laboratory (2009)

"Rigorous hardly begins to define the GMSC experience. But, if it were November of my first year again, I would not hesitate to fill out the application a second time. For students like myself, who did not have "traditional" business backgrounds, GMSC provided an opportunity to analyze and solve a real world business problem, and a chance to interact with real business clients. I truly believe that GMSC will be one of the most significant, most rewarding, and most memorable experiences during my time at Goizueta. GMSC absolutely required me to commit time and effort beyond what was necessary for my other classes, but through the late nights and hard work I was able to develop sincere friendships with a group of people on a level that can only be achieved by overcoming a challenge together." –Adam Harper 11JD/MBA, Member of Team Coca-Cola (2010)

"GMSC was an experience unlike any other in my education at Goizueta. The class taught me how to approach and break-down a complex business challenge in order to generate sound recommendations. The fact that I had the opportunity to learn these skills in a 'safe' academic environment with ample support from faculty, second year students and my teammates gave me the courage to take risks and truly test my own thinking. During my internship, I called upon many of the skills I learned in GMSC as I tackled my summer project, and I have no doubt that my participation in the program was a key driver of my success on that project and my eventual full-time offer. GMSC was one of the things that motivated me to pursue my MBA at Goizueta; as a result, I had very high expectations going into the program, all of which were exceeded. GMSC is truly an unparalleled educational experience and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing program." –Kate Carpenter, 10MBA, Member of Team Solvay Pharmaceuticals (2009)

"My experience as a GMSC student participant and then as Managing Director for two subsequent years allowed me to fully understand the value this program brings to the students at Goizueta. As a former consultant, I understood the importance of dealing with real clients with real business problems, but I could never have anticipated this experience within my business school experience. GMSC's educational value was with the direct application of the key marketing and strategy fundamentals we learned in class, and its integration with the insights and experience of my team. GMSC truly helped me grow as a business student and as a professional in my internship and I expect its value to continue in my future career as well." –Parul Lahoti, MBA 2010 Member of Team Coca-Cola (2009)

"Being a career changer with an interest in Marketing and Strategy, this course helped me learn how to solve ambiguous real world marketing problems from a consultant's perspective. Prior to Business School, I did not have any idea how to effectively tackle a situation like this. Additionally, I really enjoyed the client interaction and the opportunity to fine tune my presentation skills which then led me to successfully complete my internship end of summer presentation with a full time job offer from American Express. Although the course is rigorous and requires a significant time commitment, Dr. Shah's enthusiasm and willingness to help her students achieve makes it all worth it!" –Kristin Bolton Keys 10MBA, Manheim Team Guide (2010)

"GMSC was by far the most rewarding (as well as the most challenging) course I have taken at Goizueta so far. Make no mistake - GMSC is a huge time commitment. However, I felt that what I learnt from this real-life consulting project was something I could only have learnt from a practical consulting engagement - where you get to deal with the client first-hand and experience the realities of business. What I liked most about GMSC is that it gives you a chance to get out of the classroom (and also your comfort zone). For a consulting engagement to be successful, you need more than talent. Getting synergies going in the team, navigating organizational politics, making use of the right resources - these are some of the challenges you get to tackle during GMSC. What was most rewarding for me was the team-building experience and the satisfaction of delivering a strategic recommendation that the client was extremely pleased with." –Saad Pall. MBA 2011 Team Manheim (2010)