Project Overview

Enrollment Process

In mid-October, the GMSC leadership team will host a GMSC Client Project Presentation Night to provide students with additional information about the program, to allow students to mingle with prior GMSC participants, and to learn what projects/clients will be participating in the upcoming semester. Following the Client Project Presentation night and spring semester registration, students will be asked to submit a survey which is used to organize the student teams.

Student Selection

Teams will be selected in order to maximize the anticipated outcome of the project. We look to create balanced teams, incorporating many different backgrounds and specialties, as well as a passion for your project. After you submit your survey, the leadership team will thoroughly assess each candidate to ensure the highest quality teams can be created. Once MP registration is complete, your project teams will be revealed before Thanksgiving break.

Client Interaction

Each team will be assigned a client contact that will be your main touch point within your client organization. You will be interacting frequently through both formal and informal status updates, conference calls and meetings. Often, the client contact will also connect you to various other stakeholders or experts throughout their organization to help facilitate your project.

Academic Sessions

Students attend weekly academic sessions with Dr. Reshma Shah, other Goizueta faculty and external specialized consultants to ensure your team is properly equipped to tackle your project's challenges. Topics covered in academic sessions include: team dynamics, structured thinking, research methods, survey creation, data analysis and advanced presentation skills. Each week, students will also meet with Dr. Shah to review deliverables and project status.

Deliverables & Judging

Throughout the semester, students have mini-deliverables each week to make sure the project is moving along smoothly. The final deliverables of GMSC are a 35-50 page paper to be delivered to Dr. Reshma Shah and the client as well as a 30 minute presentation. On May 5, 2016, over 150 local executives including many GMSC Alumni will gather at GBS to judge the final presentations.

Leadership Skills & Team Dynamics

Teams will be responsible for assigning leadership roles to each member within the team. Throughout the semester, at key check points, the team will evaluate each team member in regards to their overall contribution, attitude and role-specific responsibilities.