Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy

Emory University's Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy (GMSC) is a full-time MBA course and student-run strategy and marketing consulting organization with a twenty-five year legacy of delivering actionable business results to the world's leading organizations. Talented Goizueta MBA students are partnered with clients to solve a pressing business challenge. GMSC teams have been providing value-adding recommendations to clients for over 24 years. View our list of past clients.

GMSC was founded by students with the guidance of Dr. Atul Parvatiyar in 1991 with the purpose of providing MBA students with real-world experience in addition to their academic studies. Dr. Reshma Shah joined GMSC as the faculty advisor in 1997. Under her management, GMSC has become the largest student-run organization at Goizueta Business School and is a popular elective in the new Management Practice (MP) curriculum for Goizueta's Full-Time MBA Program.

Clients have commissioned GMSC students to analyze a range of strategic and marketing initiatives including:

  • Identifying new opportunities for growth
  • Developing go-to-market strategies
  • Crafting strategy to increase profitability and market share
  • Developing new sales channels or partnerships to expand customer reach
  • Identifying ways to support the expansion of minority-owned businesses
  • Developing social media strategies
  • Creating marketing plans to reposition or launch a product or service in the U.S.
  • Evaluating global market opportunities