Client and Judge Testimonials

"I was extremely impressed with the quality of the student presentations. It was clear that they had strong mentors and there was a large focus on rehearsing their presentations prior to the day. It made it a joy to watch such talent and see the creativity of the fresh approach to marketing that many of the teams took." --GMSC Judge

"GMSC is truly an amazing opportunity for the marketing students. Certainly a real life experience. The clients were definitely high caliber. Having repeat clients shows the imminent value for them. And the students' presentations showcased their insight, research, presentation skills, communication skills, problem solving, teamwork, etc. Another side benefit of the experience for both the students and judges was networking!! I was honored to be part of the program." -- GMSC Judge

"One type of research project that is perfect for GMSC is a big consulting engagement that can cost $500K and up. While we would still hire the professional consultant at Solvay, hiring GMSC in addition is a great way to validate the findings for a fraction of the cost. Their recommendations are strongly supported by research and they are guided by multiple professors, consultants, and other top students." --Hally Trementozzi, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, GMSC Client