What is the Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy?

Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy (GMSC) is a student-run organization dedicated to solving the pressing marketing and strategy issues facing major corporations. Since 1991, teams of talented MBA students have worked with these organizations on real consulting engagements under the structure of a course with faculty supervision and expert resources.

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Who are the clients and why do they participate?

Clients are typically large, multi-divisional companies or very large non-profit organizations. GMSC clients recognize today's challenging business environment and are dedicated to making proactive strategies to drive success. Return on investment drives decision-making, forcing companies to do more with less. GMSC provides the solution by offering world-class consulting recommendations for a fraction of the cost of the top consulting firms. Recent clients include The Coca-Cola Company, FOCUS Brands, AT&T, InterContinental Hotel Group, Carnival Corporation, Odwalla, GE, Beats by Dr. Dre and Disney.

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Are the students working on real client challenges?

Yes, GMSC projects address current challenges clients are facing. The teams work under strict confidentiality guidelines since these projects are usually highly strategic to the client organizations. In addition, the GMSC Leadership has instituted a blanket non-disclosure agreement that must be signed by all students, faculty, and judges.

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What are the deliverables from the students?

The student teams provide

  1. A written report including key findings, implications, and actionable recommendations,
  2. A presentation of findings and recommendations to the client and stakeholders, and
  3. A presentation to a panel of marketing/strategy executives on presentation day.

There are also periodic deliverables throughout the semester including an industry and competitive assessment, a research work plan, and preliminary research findings based on qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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How is GMSC structured?

Each client is assigned a team of five to eight students to tackle their pressing business issue. Teams begin working on the projects in January and continue until the presentation day in May. Throughout the project, students attend weekly academic sessions taught by Professor Shah and industry specialists to provide students with the skills they need to manage their projects successfully. In addition, students have weekly deliverables and reviews with Dr. Shah to ensure the project is moving in the right direction. Teams have access to various complementary faculty members to bring specific expertise to each project in addition to external industry experts. Each team is assigned a team guide, a second year student who experienced GMSC the year prior, to provide additional support throughout the entire GMSC process.

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I'm interested in becoming a client or judge, how do I get more information?

For more information please contact Bill Zrike and Sanibh Aryan Co-Directors of Account Relations, or April Trust, Managing Director.

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