Shobhika Dhingra Somani

Shobhika Dhingra Somani

Healthcare Consultant, Kurt Salmon

Graduation Date: 12MBA
Undergraduate Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
Pre-MBA Job: Consultant in the Life Sciences industry at Clarkston Consulting

Social Enterprise @ Goizueta opened an area for me that I was not as aware of before coming to business school. I was truly attracted to the field when I realized that I could leverage many of the business skills gained while at GBS to initiatives that can actually make a positive impact not only to the organization, but to the communities surrounding it. Through many of the initiatives, I had to think strategically and often found myself working on developing business plans for new endeavors that had greater social impact. Each project also allowed me to further develop my communication skills in order to persuade different stakeholders, in this case, nonprofit board members, venture capitalists, and many of my team members. These are all skills that will be truly valuable to me throughout my career, even in other industries.


Select Courses and Activities


  • Directed Study - Habitat Project


  • Nicaragua Module
  • Goizueta Board Fellows Program
  • Habitat for Humanity International Business Plan Competition
  • Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative Project
  • Goizueta Gives

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