Ben Mullenix

Ben Mullenix

Associate, Goddard Investment Group

Graduation Date: 12MBA

While I had done some volunteer work in the past, it was generally short-term and with a defined scope. My activities within the SE@G program opened my eyes to how business skills can be used to help people. Certainly, I have a better understanding now as to what sort of things are going on in social entrepreneurship and will take with me a desire to continue working in that world to the extent I am able. Specifically, the project in Honduras served to be a terrific application of all the various skills I had learned in classes. Thinking through an entire business plan and figuring out how to make it work was a great experience and one that will help me in the future when I'll look to start a business of my own.

Select Courses and Activities


  • HFH International Business Plan Competition


  • Honduras Ophthalmological Surgical Facility Project
  • Goizueta Board Fellows
  • Global Summer Feasibility Project - Honduras
  • Nicaragua Module
  • Impact Investing in Action Conference 2012
  • Net Impact

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