Sandhya Deshetty

Sandhya Deshetty

Founder, SPARC Development

Graduation Date: 11MBA
Undergraduate Institution: George Mason University
Pre-MBA Job: Stewardship Coordinator, Emory University

When I first arrived at Goizueta, I did not imagine that I would be running a start-up non-profit after graduating, but Social Enterprise @ Goizueta provided me with skills, tools, and network that I have leveraged to launch SPARC Development. By participating in SE@G courses and activities, I gained exposure to a wide variety of existing social enterprises and the challenges that they face. During my time, I was able to consult for a nascent social enterprise in India, visit a number of organizations in Nicaragua with different approaches to development, and learn about local firms supporting entrepreneurs around the world. The lessons learned from those interactions undoubtedly guide my work in fighting poverty in Ethiopia.

Select Courses and Activities


  • Social Enterprise
  • Transformative Social Enterprise
  • Catalyzing Social Impact
  • Directed Study with Peter Roberts


  • Goizueta Board Fellows
  • Goizueta Business Association
  • Nicaragua Module

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