Photo of Holly Bryant
    Holly Bryant
    Director of Business Development and Marketing, Atlanta Track Club

    "I am so thankful for the Social Enterprise classes that I was able to take, that have helped prepare me for...the transition from for-profit to non-profit. It's exciting to be able to put the classroom learning into practice!"

                    Photo of Kaili Mumme Delp
    Kaili Mumme Delp

    Concentration/Industry:  MBA/MPH 2015, Healthcare

    Hometown:  Cary, NC

    Words of Wisdom: Even before you decide where to apply, truly think about what you are looking for in an MBA and then talk to students to figure out if a school is the right match for you and your goals. Try to visit the campuses you are considering to get a realistic feel for the environment. Relax and have fun during the process because it will go by fast!

    Why I chose Goizueta: I chose Goizueta because I was impressed by the community which stood out from the other schools I considered. It immediately felt like a great fit for me, even during the interview process. I felt that Goiuzeta's community, both inside and outside the classroom would support me with any endeavor that I chose to pursue and that has proven true many times.

    "The [SE@G] program attracted me because of the unique opportunity to provide social impact...I have always been passionate about public service and social change and this program aligns with my post-MBA/MPH career goals."

    Past Experience

    • John Snow, Inc - Public Health Consulting
    • Peace Corps Volunteer
    • Public health field work

    SE@G Involvement

                    Photo of Sandhya Deshetty
    Sandhya Deshetty
    Program Associate, Ascend at The Aspen Institute

    "When I first arrived at Goizueta, I did not imagine that I would be running a start-up non-profit after graduating, but Social Enterprise @ Goizueta provided me with skills, tools, and network that I have leveraged to launch SPARC Development. By participating in SE@G courses and activities, I gained exposure to a wide variety of existing social enterprises and the challenges that they face. During my time, I was able to consult for a nascent social enterprise in India, visit a number of organizations in Nicaragua with different approaches to development, and learn about local firms supporting entrepreneurs around the world. The lessons learned from those interactions undoubtedly guide my work in fighting poverty in Ethiopia."

                    Photo of Jesús Figueroa
    Jesús Figueroa
    Senior Analyst, Assurance Management Program , The Home Depot

    "For me, SE@G was one of the deciding factors in choosing Goizueta. I have really enjoyed working with Peter Roberts and the SE@G staff as we pilot the launch of Farmers to 40, a direct-trade coffee project in conjunction with our partners in Nicaragua. I am gaining valuable project management and forecasting experience and using marketing and strategy skills I've learned in the classroom to help develop a real-world venture. These are applied skills I will take with me to future internship and full-time employers as I continue along my MBA path."

                    Photo of Brian Goebel
    Brian Goebel
    Program Manager, Start:ME

    "My most challenging and rewarding leadership experiences came through Social Enterprise @ Goizueta. As a co-founder of two social enterprise related programs (Board Fellows and the GHI Case Competition), I was able to put into practice leadership skills that I built at Emory first as a management consultant at Deloitte and now with social enterprise and nonprofit clients in my work at Advantage Consulting.  The team at Social Enterprise @ Goizueta has helped to guide and influence my career long after graduation as I have benefited from the advice of Executives in Residence and Staff which helped me make my transition back to the social enterprise and nonprofit space.”

                    Photo of Evan Goldberg
    Evan Goldberg
    Associate Director of the Office of International Affairs and the Halle Institute for Global Learning, Emory University

    "Working with SE@G in Nicaragua and Bolivia helped me put classroom principles into practice in real-world settings. The opportunities to meet people creating change on a global scale have been invaluable."

                    Photo of Will Goldin
    Will Goldin
    Automobile Protection Corporation
                    Photo of Amanda Jacobson
    Amanda Jacobson

    "SE@G changed the way I see career options and opened my eyes to the prospect of dedicating myself to making an impact through my career."

    "With the support of David and Sam [Executives in Residence]...I made the unconventional decision to move to Mumbai, India to work as an IDEX Fellow [and] had the opportunity to work full time for the Sankalp Forum of Intellecap, a finance and advisory firm focused on addressing the needs of the “base of the pyramid.”

    Click here to read Amanda's IDEX blog

                    Photo of Marissa Mahoney
    Marissa Mahoney
    Program Associate, Ascend at the Aspen Institute

    "Social Enterprise @ Goizueta gave me a window into the world of social enterprise and encouraged my curiosity when it came to innovative ways of using business for social good. The classes were engaging and challenging, and the projects gave me opportunities to apply what I was learning in my MBA core classes to real world situations. I also valued the leadership opportunities I was provided, and the support and advice from Professor Roberts, Sam Moss, and David Kyle were instrumental during my internship and job searches. SE@G really opened up the field of social enterprise to me and helped me envision myself in an ever-growing and changing space."

                    Photo of Ben Mullenix
    Ben Mullenix
    Associate, Goddard Investment Group

    "While I had done some volunteer work in the past, it was generally short-term and with a defined scope. My activities within the SE@G program opened my eyes to how business skills can be used to help people. Certainly, I have a better understanding now as to what sort of things are going on in social entrepreneurship and will take with me a desire to continue working in that world to the extent I am able. Specifically, the project in Honduras served to be a terrific application of all the various skills I had learned in classes. Thinking through an entire business plan and figuring out how to make it work was a great experience and one that will help me in the future when I'll look to start a business of my own."

                    Photo of David Papa
    David Papa
    Business Innovation Consultant at Blue Earth Network

    "The camaraderie inside Social Enterprise @ Goizueta offered me valuable support and energy as I pursued my social enterprise goals."

                    Photo of Brian Phelps
    Brian Phelps
    Senior Consultant, Strategy & Analytics Practice, IBM
    Brian Phelps 14MBA served in the Peace Corps before deciding that he wanted a degree that would offer him the opportunity to fully develop his leadership and decision making skills. He lists direct access to professors and executive mentors, work experience with real clients, and the opportunity to work on an international project in Bolivia with Social Enterprise @ Goizueta, as key influencers in his decision. “Goizueta's Two-Year MBA Program was exactly what I was looking for. Getting this much hands-on experience while being part of a small and supportive learning community is why I’m completely satisfied with my decision to attend Goizueta,” says Brian.
                    Photo of Christine Pieton
    Christine Pieton
    Physical Therapist, Hayashida & Associates
                    Photo of Natalie Reese
    Natalie Reese
    Life Coach, Consultant and Owner, NADUPOR Consulting

    "SE@G provided me with some of the richest learning experiences during my time at Goizueta. Whether it was walking through infant vineyards in Ethiopia, working with women's cooperatives in Nicaragua, consulting with local nonprofits or debating the challenges of social enterprise in Peter Robert's class, SE@G exposed me to endless ways in which I could lead a purpose-driven life. To that end, I now help young professionals articulate their purpose and find their way to positive impact in the world. Without SE@G, I don't think that I would have taken this chance to step outside of the box and live my dream. Now, I am helping others do the same."

                    Photo of Chelsea Schott
    Chelsea Schott
    Senior Associate Consultant, Bain & Company
                    Photo of Shobhika Dhingra Somani
    Shobhika Dhingra Somani
    Healthcare Consultant, Kurt Salmon

    "Social Enterprise @ Goizueta opened an area for me that I was not as aware of before coming to business school. I was truly attracted to the field when I realized that I could leverage many of the business skills gained while at GBS to initiatives that can actually make a positive impact not only to the organization, but to the communities surrounding it. Through many of the initiatives, I had to think strategically and often found myself working on developing business plans for new endeavors that had greater social impact. Each project also allowed me to further develop my communication skills in order to persuade different stakeholders, in this case, nonprofit board members, venture capitalists, and many of my team members. These are all skills that will be truly valuable to me throughout my career, even in other industries."

                    Photo of Lindsay Wilkinson
    Lindsay Wilkinson
    Manager, Environmental Sustainability, InterContinental Hotels Group

    "Social Enterprise @ Goizueta has provided numerous opportunities that contribute to my personal development and career preparation. On-campus activities, such as working on real business projects for class, club leadership opportunities, and networking events have provided varied developmental experiences. My internship opportunity with IHG came directly through Social Enterprise @ Goizueta and their fellowship program. Overall, the center has exposed me to a variety of social enterprise opportunities while integrating the business skills I have developed at Goizueta."

                    Photo of Mireille Williams Sharp
    Mireille Williams Sharp
    Senior Associate, Global Health Strategies

    "Catalyzing Social Impacts gave me a chance to practice skills learned in other business school classes in a way that is directly relevant to my future career in the social impact space. By working directly with a local organization, my team gained a first-hand appreciation of the challenges of operating a social enterprise in a sustainable way, and we were able offer a novel solution to a key business problem. My team gained a first-hand appreciation of the challenges of operating a social enterprise in a sustainable way."