Student Activities

Net Impact Goizueta

Net Impact Goizueta focuses on the important interface between the traditional business school curriculum and issues and opportunities in the social enterprise sector. Its leaders stage events, organize panels and discuss career options in the social enterprise domain. The chapter received Gold Standing in 2014.

Goizueta Gives

Goizueta Gives is Goizueta Business School's student-led community service organization. Their flagship event is the annual Youth Leadership Summit that translates important leadership insights from Goizueta MBA students to local high-school students who are part of 21st Century Leaders. Goizueta Gives also organizes and participates in volunteer events around the metro Atlanta area.

Emory Global Health Case Competition

The Global Health case competition is a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students from multiple disciplines to come together to promote awareness of and develop innovative solutions for 21st century global health issues. The case competition engages students from Emory and more than ten top U.S. colleges on an annual basis. Common across U.S. business schools, a case competition features teams of four to six students working through a real-life case scenario with the goal of providing helpful strategic recommendations to move the case subject forward efficiently and effectively. The competition is centered on team presentations to judges, who then score student recommendations and award prizes.

Student Conference Support

SE@G provides funds to support selected students who are interested in attending conferences that focus on themes related to SE@G. These conferences give students the opportunity to engage more deeply with issues that relate to the social enterprise sector, as well as the change to network with likeminded students and practitioners.