Social Enterprise @ Goizueta Fellowships

Fellowships are offered to MBA students upon admission or as recognition for enrolled students who demonstrate commitment to SE@G’s work. Fellows have access to mentoring, opportunities to participate in SE@G fieldwork projects, access to a stipend to attend a social enterprise-related conference and financial support if they choose to work for a social enterprise as a summer intern.

To learn more about our Fellowship opportunities or to apply, please click here.

Current Fellows

  • Jonathan Broide
  • Kaili Mumme Delp
  • Kathryn Gelder
  • Jeffrey Kim
  • Prashant Kumar
  • Noah Marwil
  • Tara Mumford
  • Emily Pugatchenko
  • Hari Prasad Rajendran
  • Jose Rosado
  • Mark Thomas


  • Holly Bryant
  • Sandhya Deshetty
  • Jesus Figueroa
  • Brian Goebel
  • Evan Goldberg
  • Will Goldin
  • Amanda Jacobson
  • Marissa Mahoney
  • Ben Mullinex
  • David Papa
  • Brian Phelps
  • Christine Pieton
  • Natalie Reese
  • Chelsea Schott
  • Sharda Sekaran
  • Shobhika Dhingra Somani
  • Mireille Williams-Sharp
  • Lindsay Wilkinson