Photo of Jonathan Broide
    Jonathan Broide, 16MBA

    "The opportunity to engage the social impact community and work with individuals committed to addressing society’s biggest problems both in Atlanta and abroad drew me to SE@G. Through SE@G’s fieldwork projects, I look forward to gaining real-world experience developing actionable ideas for merging high social impact programming with financial sustainability."

    Past Experience

    • Project Manager at Management Systems International (MSI) – international development consulting for USAID
    • Society for International Development, Washington D.C. Chapter
    • SHAWCO education program tutor in Cape Town, South Africa
                    Photo of Kaili Mumme Delp
    Kaili Mumme Delp, 15MBA

    Concentration/Industry:  MBA/MPH 2015, Healthcare

    Hometown:  Cary, NC

    Words of Wisdom: Even before you decide where to apply, truly think about what you are looking for in an MBA and then talk to students to figure out if a school is the right match for you and your goals. Try to visit the campuses you are considering to get a realistic feel for the environment. Relax and have fun during the process because it will go by fast!

    Why I chose Goizueta: I chose Goizueta because I was impressed by the community which stood out from the other schools I considered. It immediately felt like a great fit for me, even during the interview process. I felt that Goiuzeta's community, both inside and outside the classroom would support me with any endeavor that I chose to pursue and that has proven true many times.

    "The [SE@G] program attracted me because of the unique opportunity to provide social impact...I have always been passionate about public service and social change and this program aligns with my post-MBA/MPH career goals."

    Past Experience

    • John Snow, Inc - Public Health Consulting
    • Peace Corps Volunteer
    • Public health field work

    SE@G Involvement

                    Photo of Kathryn Gelder
    Kathryn Gelder, 15FTMBA

    "I was attracted to the Social Enterprise program at Goizueta because of the opportunities to gain real life experience working both in Atlanta and internationally, and the chance to work closely with experts from the field."

    Past Experience

    • Program Coordinator at Rare
    • Manager of Communications & Administration at the Green Belt Movement
    • Nonprofits & International Development
    • Goizueta Impact Investors
                    Photo of Jeffrey Kim
    Jeffrey Kim, 15MBA

    “One of the things that attracted me to Goizueta Business School was SE@G's commitment to serving the local community. As a student, I had the opportunity to be involved in the Clarkston entrepreneurship movement as a mentor through the VilCap:Start program. I was able to apply the skills learned in the classroom to help local entrepreneurs build up their businesses. This experience has opened my eyes to the possibilities of business as a means to helping improve lives and communities.”

    SE@G Involvement:

                    Photo of Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar, 15FTMBA

    "[SE@G provides] a chance to learn about and apply practical and actionable business ideas in the social enterprise sector, and use that knowledge and experience for future endeavors."

    • Non-governmental organizations promoting education in India

    • Teaching volunteer to underprivileged children
                    Photo of Noah Marwil
    Noah Marwil, 15FTMBA

    "I've always worked in Social Enterprise and would like to continue in this field after graduation."

    Past Experience

    • John Snow, Inc. - USAID contractor
    • Latin America Regional Director for Pencils of Promise
    • Health projects in Sudan, Nepal, Georgia, Ethiopia and Bolivia
    • Educational programs and school construction projects in Nicaragua and Guatemala
                    Photo of Tara Mumford
    Tara Mumford, 16MBA

    Concentration/IndustrY:  Social Enterprise

    Hometown:  Eden Prairie, MN

    Words of Wisdom:  Choose a school where you feel like you click with the people and enjoy the community because the network you build in grad school is one that can last a lifetime

    Why I chose Goizueta:  The combination or rigorous academics and fun people, the small class size, and the fact that we're located in a large city with many opportunities

    "I was attracted to SE@G because I want to make a complete career switch and do something that I know gives back. I want to explore how I can bring my finance and operations background to a foundation and the fellowship provides a unique opportunity to learn from other students and the residents."

    Past Experience

    • Project Coordinator, Financial Services, Target
    • Leadership Development Program, Target
    • Treasurer for Target Volunteer Council
    • Founder of Literacy program for adults with special needs at Fraser Twin cities
                    Photo of Emily Pugatchenko
    Emily Pugatchenko, 16MBA

    "I am very passionate about work in the economic growth and social impact space.  Coming from a non-profit background, where we frequently engaged the private sector in our development projects, I am excited to work with SE@G to more deeply explore how the private sector can profit through socially beneficial products and business models."

    Past Experience

    • Senior Project Coordinator at ACDI/VOCA, USAID contractor
    • Enterprise development projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Paraguay, Lebanon
    • Trained in “Making Markets Work for the Poor,” The Springfield Centre 
                    Photo of Hari Prasad Rajendran
    Hari Prasad Rajendran, 16MBA

    "I love getting my hands dirty on the field more than anything else. And that’s exactly what SE@G offers. Field experiences through its Atlanta Programs and Travel Modules!!! This is in addition to the rich theoretical knowledge base through courses that link Business and the Society. SE@G also provides ample opportunities to understand the potential impacts today’s business can have on the society, and I believe it’s more than relevant now to understand these factors in a world that is aiming to achieve inclusive growth."

    Past Experience with Social Enterprise:

    • Associated with World Resources Institute and ADB on a project to analyse the renewable energy market in certain part of India that aimed at reducing energy supply demand gap.
    • Pro-bono consulting projects - Formulated promotional and negotiation strategies for a medical trust that conducts free medical and blood donation camps in villages.
    • Managed free medical camps in 15 remote villages as a volunteer for 7 years, benefitting around 1500 people.
                    Photo of Jose Rosado
    Jose Rosado, 15MBA

    "I joined Social Enterprise @Goizueta because I want an MBA education with a purpose.  I am interested in exploring how business principles can help solve our most pressing social issues and how this can be achieved while creating value for both business and society."
    Past Experience:

    • Director of Programs, Liberty Mutual Foundation
    • Special Assistant to the Director, Boston Redevelopment Authority
    • Program Coordinator, Mayor’s Office of Jobs & Community Services, Boston
    • Special Programs Coordinator, Action for Boston Community Development
                    Photo of Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas, 15MBA
    Executive Director , VaxTrac

    Driven by the notion that it is possible, and profitable, to synthesize traditional business and the ability to generate social impact, Mark Thomas 15MBA challenged Goizueta with a tall order. This approach to a dual degree is not often feasible, as it requires a wide range of business and social enterprise courses.

    "It is important to shepherd socially-focused enterprises towards financial sustainability, which requires a firm grasp of the business acumen acquired through an MBA. Goizueta's two-year MBA program offers a disproportionately large breadth of offerings and depth of talent, of both students and professors, given its intimate size.

    More than anything, I appreciated the amount of respect afforded me by the faculty [of Goizueta]. They made a genuine effort to build a relationship and learn about my career interests to better tailor the educational experience."