Photo of Lauren Alcala
    Lauren Alcala, 17MBA

    Social Enterprise-related experience/activities:

    • Refugee youth education in Clarkston, Georgia at Fugees Family, Inc.
    • Community development and education volunteer in Peru, Thailand, and Botswana 

    "The opportunity to learn more about what it takes to create positive social impact through business is what interested me in SE@G. I am especially looking forward to taking what I learn in the classroom and applying it in the field through the local and global experiential offerings. As a Fellow, I am excited to be a part of a community that values positive social impact just as much as I do."

                    Photo of Jonathan Broide
    Jonathan Broide, 16MBA

    "The opportunity to engage the social impact community and work with individuals committed to addressing society’s biggest problems both in Atlanta and abroad drew me to SE@G. Through SE@G’s fieldwork projects, I look forward to gaining real-world experience developing actionable ideas for merging high social impact programming with financial sustainability."

    Past Experience

    • Project Manager at Management Systems International (MSI) – international development consulting for USAID
    • Society for International Development, Washington D.C. Chapter
    • SHAWCO education program tutor in Cape Town, South Africa
                    Photo of Jane Cole
    Jane Cole, 17MBA

    Social Enterprise-related experience/activities:

    • Pro bono consultant at INCLUDED (Beijing, China), a grassroots non-profit organization that provides holistic care for slums and migrant communities
    • Active volunteer at City Hope Community, a non-profit organization serving the refugee communities in Clarkston, GA

    "I believe all business leaders have a responsibility to positively influence our local and global communities – this is my motivation as I pursue my MBA at GBS.  The opportunities to work with individuals who are passionate about addressing our society’s biggest needs are what attracted me to SE@G. In the next two years, I look forward to engaging with local micro-entrepreneurs through the START:ME program and applying my consulting skills to local nonprofit organizations through Goizueta Nonprofit Consultants. I also look forward to diving into the Nicaragua coffee farmers’ lives through our Farmers to 40 and Coffee Community Connections programs."

                    Photo of Susumu Handa
    Susumu Handa, 16MBA

    Concentration/Industry: Finance & Social Enterprise

    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

    Words of Wisdom: This is the time to venture on the sea with your friends. One of the keys to approach this rapidly changing world is collaboration with diversified people. Goizueta Business School is only top ranked business school, which has really strong and friendly community, the Goizueta community. We will approach business and social problems together, making positive impact on the world.

    Why I chose Goizueta: First is the ranking. Highly educated and well experienced students can create constructive and valuable discussion. Second is the place. Creating business networks with international big companies is very important for investment bankers. Third is the school size. We can create lifelong relationship since we know deeply total 180 students.

    Social Enterprise-related experience/activities: Leadership position in Goizueta Impact Investors Club in 2015-16; Volunteered at Start:Me Accelerator program in 2015; Interned for Asian impact investment fund in 2015; Research assistant of Village Capital research report in 2015.

    What attracts me to Social Enterprise @ Goizueta: I am thinking of the meaning of my life, and the answer is always living for the others, especially for people who cannot live and have dream without any helps. The world population is growing rapidly and reaches 7 billion. We have to face the fact that brings some concerns like food, health, energy, education, and environment. Developed a unique expertise both PE and IB before MBA, I would launch new impact investment fund after MBA for our sustainable development while creating mutual flows of man, money, material, and information among developed and developing countries.

                    Photo of Ruyi Jiang
    Ruyi Jiang, 17MBA

    "As a career switcher, I want to explore how I can leverage my accounting and consulting background to organizations with a socially conscious purpose. The close mentoring from industry experts and teamwork between professors and students are what attracted me to become a Fellow at SE@G. I also hope to obtain practical skills through real-world ventures such as the Nicaragua/Costa Rica Travel Module. The hands-on opportunities would offer a platform for me to practice project management, and marketing and business negotiation skills learned in the classroom."

    Past Experience

    • City Harvest, New York – Volunteered as food distributor, survey conductor and Chinese translator
    • The New York Says Thank You Foundation – Volunteer for local events in New York, related to the 9/11 memorial
    • Participated in post-disaster Rebuild project, during which helped rebuilding an animal farm in Oklahoma in 2014
                    Photo of Tara Mumford
    Tara Mumford, 16MBA

    Concentration/IndustrY:  Social Enterprise

    Hometown:  Eden Prairie, MN

    Words of Wisdom:  Choose a school where you feel like you click with the people and enjoy the community because the network you build in grad school is one that can last a lifetime

    Why I chose Goizueta:  The combination or rigorous academics and fun people, the small class size, and the fact that we're located in a large city with many opportunities

    "I was attracted to SE@G because I want to make a complete career switch and do something that I know gives back. I want to explore how I can bring my finance and operations background to a foundation and the fellowship provides a unique opportunity to learn from other students and the residents."

    Past Experience

    • Project Coordinator, Financial Services, Target
    • Leadership Development Program, Target
    • Treasurer for Target Volunteer Council
    • Founder of Literacy program for adults with special needs at Fraser Twin cities
                    Photo of Anna Navratil
    Anna Navratil, 17MBA

    Social Enterprise-related experience/activities:

    • High school literacy and debate teacher through Teach For America.
    • YMCA of South Florida, including guiding our brand transition and managing the opening team for our new Family Center flagship.
    • United Way of Greater New Haven, responsible for transforming our board of directors into an active governing body, working with senior leaders of area companies to craft custom CSR plans, and helping to shape our organizational transition from primarily working with corporate entities to directly engaging individual donors.
    • Favorite activities include serving meals in homeless shelters, conducting mock interviews of job seekers, helping kids appreciate the outdoors through nature hikes, serving as a host parent for a foreign exchange student from South Korea, and doing pro-bono work for local nonprofits.

    "What makes SE@G unique in the MBA world is its combination of innovative research on the most effective ways to maximize social impact, local and global experimentation in real-world strategies, and the range of opportunities for students to get involved in making a difference. The landscape of social impact is changing rapidly, and being a part of a program like SE@G positions me to lead effectively in that space."

                    Photo of Sarah Olson
    Sarah Olson, 17MBA

    Pre-MBA Job & Social Enterprise Activities 

    • Operations Assistant, Westwood (private wealth management firm)
    • Education Volunteer, Peace Corps Rwanda 
    • Development Coordinator at Educate!, an international NGO on social entrepreneurship in Uganda

    "I am very passionate about social impact work and long term I hope to purse a career in corporate social responsibility. I am excited to learn how the private sector can implement socially responsible business models. I was attracted to SE@G because I will have the opportunity  to participate in unique programs such as the the Nicaragua Travel Program and learn from my classmates and professors!"

                    Photo of Emily Pugatchenko
    Emily Pugatchenko, 16MBA

    "I am very passionate about work in the economic growth and social impact space.  Coming from a non-profit background, where we frequently engaged the private sector in our development projects, I am excited to work with SE@G to more deeply explore how the private sector can profit through socially beneficial products and business models."

    Past Experience

    • Senior Project Coordinator at ACDI/VOCA, USAID contractor
    • Enterprise development projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Paraguay, Lebanon
    • Trained in “Making Markets Work for the Poor,” The Springfield Centre 
                    Photo of Hari Prasad Rajendran
    Hari Prasad Rajendran, 16MBA

    "I love getting my hands dirty on the field more than anything else. And that’s exactly what SE@G offers. Field experiences through its Atlanta Programs and Travel Modules!!! This is in addition to the rich theoretical knowledge base through courses that link Business and the Society. SE@G also provides ample opportunities to understand the potential impacts today’s business can have on the society, and I believe it’s more than relevant now to understand these factors in a world that is aiming to achieve inclusive growth."

    Past Experience with Social Enterprise:

    • Associated with World Resources Institute and ADB on a project to analyse the renewable energy market in certain part of India that aimed at reducing energy supply demand gap.
    • Pro-bono consulting projects - Formulated promotional and negotiation strategies for a medical trust that conducts free medical and blood donation camps in villages.
    • Managed free medical camps in 15 remote villages as a volunteer for 7 years, benefitting around 1500 people.
                    Photo of Mair Sanitato
    Mair Sanitato, 16MBA

    Social Enterprise-related experience/activities: At USAID, I worked on TB and TB/HIV community health programs in Tanzania, India, and the Kyrgyz Republic. I also conducted due diligence for the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) partnership which works with telecom firms to deliver health messages via mobile phone to new and expectant mothers in developing countries. Here at Goizueta, I participated in and am now on the leadership board of Goizueta Nonprofit Consultants and serve as the President of Goizueta Impact Investors. 

    What attracts me to Social Enterprise @ Goizueta: Coming from a non-profit and public sector background in international development, I have always been focused first and foremost on impact. With my learnings at Goizueta and my hands-on work at SE@G, I will have the tools necessary to help the private sector create shared value and attain the ‘triple bottom line’.

                    Photo of Kyndal Thomas
    Kyndal Thomas, 17MBA

    Social Enterprise-related experience: Previously, I worked in a support role for Self-Help, a community development financial institution whose mission is to create and protect ownership and economic opportunity for all. We served communities through our responsible financial services, business and nonprofit lending, affordable home development, and consumer advocacy.

    What attracts you to SE&G: Many of my past educational and work experiences have laid the foundation for my interest in social enterprise. An SE@G Fellowship provides additional experiential learning activities that will build on these previous experiences and enhance the skills needed to make impact using business frameworks. The SE@G Fellowship also provides an opportunity to collaborate with other fellows, alumni working in social enterprise, and faculty completing relevant research. With the SE@G network, I can learn about the unique challenges of social enterprise while also receiving guidance to reach my long term goal of leading a social enterprise.