Photo of Holly Bryant
    Holly Bryant, 14EVMBA
    Director of Business Development and Marketing, Atlanta Track Club

    "I am so thankful for the Social Enterprise classes that I was able to take, that have helped prepare me for...the transition from for-profit to non-profit. It's exciting to be able to put the classroom learning into practice!"

                    Photo of Kaili Mumme Delp
    Kaili Mumme Delp, 15FTMBA

    "The [SE@G] program attracted me because of the unique opportunity to provide social impact...I have always been passionate about public service and social change and this program aligns with my post-MBA/MPH career goals."

    Past Experience

    • John Snow, Inc - Public Health Consulting
    • Peace Corps Volunteer
    • Public health field work

    SE@G Involvement

                    Photo of Jesús Figueroa
    Jesús Figueroa, 14FTMBA
    Internship: , Home Depot, Internal Strategy - Assurance Management Program

    "For me, SE@G was one of the deciding factors in choosing Goizueta. I have really enjoyed working with Peter Roberts and the SE@G staff as we pilot the launch of Farmers to 40, a direct-trade coffee project in conjunction with our partners in Nicaragua. I am gaining valuable project management and forecasting experience and using marketing and strategy skills I've learned in the classroom to help develop a real-world venture. These are applied skills I will take with me to future internship and full-time employers as I continue along my MBA path."

                    Photo of Kathryn Gelder
    Kathryn Gelder, 15FTMBA

    "I was attracted to the Social Enterprise program at Goizueta because of the opportunities to gain real life experience working both in Atlanta and internationally, and the chance to work closely with experts from the field."

    Past Experience

    • Program Coordinator at Rare
    • Manager of Communications & Administration at the Green Belt Movement
    • Nonprofits & International Development
                    Photo of Evan Goldberg
    Evan Goldberg, 14EVMBA
    Associate Director of the Office of International Affairs and the Halle Institute for Global Learning, Emory University

    "Working with SE@G in Nicaragua and Bolivia helped me put classroom principles into practice in real-world settings. The opportunities to meet people creating change on a global scale have been invaluable."

                    Photo of Will Goldin
    Will Goldin, 14EVMBA
    Automobile Protection Corporation
                    Photo of Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar, 15FTMBA
                    Photo of Noah Marwil
    Noah Marwil, 15FTMBA
                    Photo of Brian Phelps
    Brian Phelps, 14FTMBA
    Internship: Strategic Innovation Intern, Booz Allen Hamilton
    Brian Phelps 14MBA served in the Peace Corps before deciding that he wanted a degree that would offer him the opportunity to fully develop his leadership and decision making skills. He lists direct access to professors and executive mentors, work experience with real clients, and the opportunity to work on an international project in Bolivia with Social Enterprise @ Goizueta, as key influencers in his decision. “Goizueta's Two-Year MBA Program was exactly what I was looking for. Getting this much hands-on experience while being part of a small and supportive learning community is why I’m completely satisfied with my decision to attend Goizueta,” says Brian.
                    Photo of Christine Pieton
    Christine Pieton, 14FTMBA
    Internship: Physical Therapy Intern, The Sports Rehab Center & Grady Memorial Hospital
                    Photo of Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas, 15FTMBA

    "More than anything, I appreciated the amount of respect afforded me by the faculty [of Goizueta]. They made a genuine effort to build a relationship and learn about my career interests to better tailor the educational experience."

                    Photo of Mireille Williams Sharp
    Mireille Williams Sharp, 14FTMBA
    Goizueta Leadership: Goizueta Impact Investors, President 2013-2014