Photo of Kaili Mumme Delp
    Kaili Mumme Delp, 15FTMBA

    "The [SE@G] program attracted me because of the unique opportunity to provide social impact...I have always been passionate about public service and social change and this program aligns with my post-MBA/MPH career goals."

    Past Experience

    • John Snow, Inc - Public Health Consulting
    • Peace Corps Volunteer
    • Public health field work

    SE@G Involvement

                    Photo of Kathryn Gelder
    Kathryn Gelder, 15FTMBA

    "I was attracted to the Social Enterprise program at Goizueta because of the opportunities to gain real life experience working both in Atlanta and internationally, and the chance to work closely with experts from the field."

    Past Experience

    • Program Coordinator at Rare
    • Manager of Communications & Administration at the Green Belt Movement
    • Nonprofits & International Development
    • Goizueta Impact Investors
                    Photo of Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar, 15FTMBA

    "[SE@G provides] a chance to learn about and apply practical and actionable business ideas in the social enterprise sector, and use that knowledge and experience for future endeavors."

    • Non-governmental organizations promoting education in India

    • Teaching volunteer to underprivileged children
                    Photo of Noah Marwil
    Noah Marwil, 15FTMBA

    "I've always worked in Social Enterprise and would like to continue in this field after graduation."

    Past Experience

    • John Snow, Inc. - USAID contractor
    • Latin America Regional Director for Pencils of Promise
    • Health projects in Sudan, Nepal, Georgia, Ethiopia and Bolivia
    • Educational programs and school construction projects in Nicaragua and Guatemala
                    Photo of Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas, 15MBA
    Executive Director , VaxTrac

    Driven by the notion that it is possible, and profitable, to synthesize traditional business and the ability to generate social impact, Mark Thomas 15MBA challenged Goizueta with a tall order. This approach to a dual degree is not often feasible, as it requires a wide range of business and social enterprise courses.

    "It is important to shepherd socially-focused enterprises towards financial sustainability, which requires a firm grasp of the business acumen acquired through an MBA. Goizueta's two-year MBA program offers a disproportionately large breadth of offerings and depth of talent, of both students and professors, given its intimate size.

    More than anything, I appreciated the amount of respect afforded me by the faculty [of Goizueta]. They made a genuine effort to build a relationship and learn about my career interests to better tailor the educational experience."