Global Feasibility Studies

SE@G's Global Feasibility Studies allow faculty and students to work with individuals and organizations committed to global development projects. In this program, we thoroughly analyze and make business cases for innovative and high-impact projects set in developing countries and regions. To execute these studies, SE@G provides financial support and then assembles a team of students based on a competitive application process. The selected students work pro bono under the direct supervision of an experienced Goizueta faculty member from early June through late October to determine both the feasibility of, and optimal structure for, the impact-oriented ideas brought forth by our clients.

Social Business in Bolivia

SE@G conducted a detailed analysis with Kimberly Clark Latin American Operations in August 2013 to determine the feasibility of developing a nation-wide recycling business within Bolivia. This venture should be financially sustainable and will likely make defined positive contributions to the sustainable economic development of one or more targeted regions within Bolivia. Upon completion of the feasibility study, the SE@G team will deliver business and financial plans that will facilitate the implementation of the venture.

Ophthalmology in Honduras

In 2011, SE@G assessed the feasibility of a project seeking to develop a world-class ophthalmology surgical facility in northern Honduras. Our report recommended a $2-4 million blended-value surgical facility with an innovative operational structure and then documented the conditions necessary for this facility’s successful implementation. Since the release of this report in November 2011, we have continued to support this project into its fundraising and implementation stages.