Research Overview

One of the critical roles we play in the social enterprise sector is that of encouraging high-quality research. We strive to illuminate the factors that induce and impede the realization of societal impacts (i.e., poverty reduction or environmental sustainability) using markets and/or business models and acumen.

Published Papers and Conference Presentations

Effective participation in the social enterprise sector requires an understanding of the connections between business practices and/or market structures and various social outcomes. SE@G-supported faculty and students execute research projects that advance knowledge in this important domain.

Impact Entrepreneurs Database Project

Despite the growth of the impact sector, there is limited empirical research due to the lack of reliable data. By encouraging partner accelerator programs to collect consistent and systematic data from entrepreneurs, this project will increase the supply of data-driven insights into the sector, and the number and quality of published research papers.

Research Colloquium

SE@G-sponsored workshops highlight empirical papers and encourage disciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies of how organizations contribute to critical and specific societal outcomes.