Vision and Background

Vision of the Center

Social Enterprise @ Goizueta works with and conducts research relevant to the individuals and organizations who are addressing critical societal issues using business acumen and/or creative market-based approaches. In doing so, we look to support innovative ways to connect our faculty and students to a range of mission-driven nonprofit and for-profit organizations, while supporting rigorous academic research that directly contributes to an understanding of the social enterprise sector.

Background on the Center

Beginning in the 2009-2010 academic year - with encouragement and seed funding from the Dean's office - we began a two-year process of learning and experimentation to determine the optimal form and purpose of an integrated Social Enterprise program within the Goizueta Business School. Our goals were to develop a program of academic research, while cultivating a diverse set of opportunities for our faculty and students to work in the social enterprise sector.

The result is a focused research mission, a structured program of social enterprise field projects, and an expansion of course offerings that include Social Enterprise, Business and Society and Catalyzing Social Impacts electives for our MBA and BBA students. We also have a globally-oriented program that focuses on Nicaragua and Central America. This program supports several student trips and a small group of ongoing impact-oriented projects.

Social Enterprise @ Goizueta was established as an official research center in the spring of 2012. Shortly thereafter, we received our first significant infusion of outside financial support -- a $1 million grant.

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